I hope you had a great w/e.


Mine was rather COLOURFUL as you can see and was fab to get out and about in the sunshine.


Shame the sun doesn’t like to shine for 2 days in a row here in Aberdeen! lol.


But you know, sunshine or not…


Either way we’re at the END of ‘Move it’ May which means we’re another step closer to the START of Summer and HALF way through the year.


Scary huh?


So before the Crimbo ads begin rolling and it’s New Year again when you make yourself promises you don’t keep

(hey, we’ve all been there!)


‘I’m going to get in shape this year.’


‘I’m going to drop a dress size this year.’


‘Going to stop eating crap.’


‘Stop drinking as much.’


Yada yada yada…


Let’s get serious and make those promises a REALITY in Jelly Belly June!!






Beginning next Mon 6th June I’m going to give you a little challenge and ONE small goal to focus on for the week, EACH week in June.


That goal may be small but trust me, it’s going to give you MASSIVE results!!


The aim is to get you to create some GOOD habits, ones that are gonna help you kiss goodbye to that ‘jelly belly’ and say helloooo to a BANGING body.


Not to mention have more energy, feel lighter, healthier and HAPPIER.


Ehhh yes please!


So make sure you stay posted to next Monday’s blog.


I’ll be revealing one of the smallest, simplest yet most important thing you can do to boost your FATLOSS and give you an INSTANT energy boost..


And I bet almost ALL of you aren’t doing it!


In week 2 I’m also going to do something rather EXCITING but it’s going to be happening for ONE week and ONE week only in June so make sure you stay tuned.




1. Tell your friends/family about this and lets get as MANY people as possible feeling GOOD about themselves and smashing their goals this Summer.


2. Check my blog every Monday for your weekly challenge or sign up to The LDPT Network for free @ www.ldpt.co.uk to get it sent directly to your inbox

(and this Thursday for a wicked workout).


3. DO IT.


Having the KNOWLEDGE to be successful and hit your goals is one thing.


Taking action and IMPLEMENTING that knowledge is another.


Aaaaand just because I’m soooo good to you.


I’ve got a cheeky little ‘Jelly Belly June’ workout for you which will be sent to your inbox and also found in THURSDAY’S blog.


I’m ready to help you STOP making excuses and START living the life you want and deserve.


1 week, 1 day and 1 step at a time.


Are YOU???


Facebook me, Tweet me or leave a comment and let me know if you’re in : )



Lee ‘on a mission’ Donald x



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