WOW what an amazing response after Monday’s blog.


Faaaantastic to have so many people on board with the ‘Jelly Belly’ June Challenge.


If you missed what it’s about click here:


As well as your weekly challenge, as promised I thought I’d give you a cheeky little 10 min HIIT workout to enjoy.


Yup its’s only 10 mins.


Equipment – NADA.


It’s gonna CRANK up your fat-burning, BURN a shed load of calories, get your SWEAT on and hit that POOCH.


Aaaaaand it’s a MAX Experience EXCLUSIVE!!

(These workouts are usually for Max Experience Members only).


Welcome to ‘CARDIO ABS’.


You can start this TODAY or you can wait till next week.


You might do it twice a day, once a day, 3 times a week or once a week the aim of the game is to introduce and create NEW habits.


1. That are realistic.
2. That are sustainable.


So however many times you usually workout a week, let’s UP our game following the above protocol.


But hey, the MORE you put in to Jelly Belly June the MORE you’ll get out of it.


If you’ve been sitting in the passenger seat for the last 6 months and STILL look and feel the SAME as January…


Now’s your time to move into the DRIVERS seat and take control!


And I’m here to make it as EASY as possible for you.


So stay tuned to Monday’s blog when I’ll be giving you your 1st challenge of ‘Jelly Belly’ June.


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It’s small, it’s simple but sooo important not just for fatloss but for EVERYTHING and I bet you probably don’t do it.




On Monday Morning.


Take a picture of yourself.
(or get someone to do it for you).


In your underwear/swimwear – front, side & back.


Pictures are one of the most ACCURATE ways to assess your progress.


It’s not essential but it’s a great MOTIVATIONAL tool as I’ll be asking you to take the same pics at the end of ‘Jelly Belly’ June to ‘spot the difference’.


And I have no doubt, if you challenge yourself for the next 4 weeks you’ll not only LOOK different but more importantly you’ll FEEL different : )


Lee ‘keeping it simple’ Donald x



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