A little hungover, a LOT tired, extreme case of the munchies, lots to do and feeling rather sorry for myself.


Oh and 4 month old to look after aaaaand the start of a cold.


Yuuuup, Sunday was NOT pretty.


Last Saturday was our annual BodyMax Network (my fitness classes) Summer BBQ which as always was a HOOT!!




Did I eat / drink waaay more calories than I normally would? – Yes


Do I feel bloated and sluggish? – Yes


(Thanks to a BUSY last few days with LITTLE rest, alcohol and not so good food choices, I’ve also now picked up a bonus cold)


So did I fall off the wagon? – Between the alcohol Sat and food Sun, ehhhh yes.


Although, I DID have a great time and no regrets
(life’s too short for them).


Plus I know this is most definitely NOT a standard w/e for me.


And what happens NEXT is by far much more important than falling OFF the wagon.


So what DOES happen next?


I get STRAIGHT back on amigo!!


NUTRITION on point
(especially important to kick this cold).


WORKOUT lined up
(for when I’m feeling back on form).


POSITIVE mindset in gear
(the most important of them all).


Yes it’s MUCH easier to skip your workout, eat CRAP cause you’re tired and say ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ but if you’re fed up of feeling fed up…


DO something about it.


We ALL fall off the wagon sometimes – hey that’s life.


But that doesn’t mean it’s game over and you should GIVE UP.


If you’re like me, had a tumble and need help getting back ON don’t worry, I’ve got a little Monday motivation for you in the form of some easy to follow do’s and don’ts.




1. Don’t get sucked into GIMMICKY fitness products/diets.


There’s no substitute for clean eating and regular exercise.


2. Don’t try to be anybody else apart from a better version of YOURSELF.


YOU are unique and YOU are awesome.


3. Don’t be AFRAID of failure.


The most successful people in the world have made mistakes – use them, learn from them and come back STRONGER.




1. Split your goals into ‘BITESIZE’ goals.


They’ll be more manageable and give you a motivational BOOST each time you achieve them.


2. Make your goals REALISTIC and give yourself a TIME FRAME.


Dream it, believe it, achieve it.


3. Surround yourself with POSITIVE, like-minded people.


Happiness is infectious.


4. Do something EVERY day that takes you out your comfort zone.


if it doesn’t challenge you it won’t CHANGE you.


5. Try things you HAVEN’T tried before.


There are boundaries but NO limits.


6. Write all the benefits of achieving your goals and make the list VISIBLE.


When it get’s tough, look at the list….it’s ALWAYS worth it!


7. Tell yourself every single day that you CAN.


Removing the word can’t from your vocabulary is highly EMPOWERING.


8. MAKE time for yourself, family and loved ones.


Being healthy and happy isn’t just about having a great body!


9. Be THANKFUL for every day you get the chance to wake up and live life.


Gratitude attracts happiness and positivity.


10. Go out there and SMASH it!


Because you CAN.


Happy Monday people LETS GO!! : )


Lee ‘snuffling but hustling’ Donald x



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