I hope you’re having a great week.


Have you been pushing CLOSER to your goals?

To how you want to LOOK and FEEL?


As always I’m here to MOTIVATE you and give you a helping hand so thought I’d share with you a wickedly AWESOME, killer workout.


If you want to take a step CLOSER to your goals – keep reading : )


This was inspired by the 22 Day Press up Challenge I completed this week.


If we’re connected on social media and watched my videos you’ll know I got a little CRAZY with this!!


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But don’t worry, normal press ups on your feet or knees will do for this workout.


It’s super simple but HIGHLY EFFECTIVE.


Prepare to get your heart pumpin’ and send your fitness & fatburning into OVERDRIVE!


Cardio, Core and Resistance ALL in one – you’re welcome : )






If you don’t have access to a stairs do high knees / sprint on the spot.


Untitled design (1)




Approx 10 mins.


This will vary depending on your fitness level and height of stairs.




5 Press Ups
Run up/down stairs x1 (high knees / sprint 10 secs)


5 Press Ups
Run up/down stairs x2 (high knees / sprint 20 secs)


5 Press Ups
Run up/down stairs x3 (high knees / sprint 30 secs)


5 Press Ups
Run up/down stairs x4 (high knees / sprint 30 secs)


5 Press Ups
Run up/down stairs x5 (high knees / sprint 50 secs)


Want an EXTRA challenge?


Do this then repeat in reverse so you finish with 1 run up the stairs and 5 press ups – Oooft!!




And as always,


Facebook me, Tweet me, I’d love to hear how you get on.


What stairs did YOU use? : )

Lee ‘stairmaster’ Donald x



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