20 weeks TODAY and we’ll be starting the 1st week of 2017!


– How scary is that?


Yuuup that leaves just 140 days to hit your goals for 2016.


To lose WEIGHT.




To stop eating so much CRAP.


To stop SMOKING and DRINKING as much.


Bla, bla, blaaaaa.


I bet this sounds familiar to LOTS of people.


If that’s YOU – how’s it all going?


Still waiting for a Monday?


For the kids to go back to school?


When IS the ‘perfect time’ to get in the best shape of your life?


Here’s my 6 TOP TIPS to get you started and back on track:


1. Re-evaluate Your Expectations.


Reality is, there is NO perfect time and there NEVER will be.


It’s Monday, kids are back to school this week, sun’s shining, you’ve air in your lungs.


NOW is as good a time as any.


2. Carve Out That Time For Yourself.


Nobody will GIVE that time to you.


You need to PLAN it and TAKE it.


3. Just Start.


Find the smallest possible thing you can do RIGHT NOW, in the next 5 minutes and just do it.


Something simple like booking yourself into a new fitness class.


If you HATE the gym but want RESULTS and would actually like to ENJOY the process,


My fitness classes will be right up your street:



No gym.

No membership required.

You can come and go as you please.


Bounce and email back for more info / to book your place.


BOOM – congratulations now you’ve started!


4. You Only Have To Get Through The Moment.


That moment of starting will be the HARDEST.


Luckily, it won’t last LONG!!




5. Expect Resistance.


It’s normal, CHANGE is challenging.


PUSH through it.


Feeling like you want to give up is OK but rule No. 1 – NEVER give up.


It may be hard but it doesn’t mean you CAN’T do it, it just means you’re finding your way.


6. Get Support.


Never underestimate the POWER of a support network.


Even the most SUCCESSFUL people have one.


Whether it’s a friend, family member, colleague or workout buddy find someone to fire up your MOTIVATION and hold you ACCOUNTABLE.


STILL waiting for that ‘perfect time’?!


Follow these simple tips and IMAGINE what you can do in 20 weeks?!

Lee ‘seizing the day’ Donald x



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