Question time and be HONEST.


On a scale of 1-10

(1 being least, 10 being most)


1. How happy are you with your BODY right now?


2. How happy are you with your HEALTH?


3. With your FITNESS levels?


4. With the food you EAT?


5. With your LIFESTYLE?


I doubt many (if any) people are straight 10’s (I know I’m not) which means there’s ALWAYS room for change and improvement.


Sooo many people complain about their problems but actually take little (if any) ACTION to resolve them or make them better.


After hearing not one but TWO of my friends passing suddenly last week it really made me think.


Life is short.
Time is precious.


And if for some reason I wasn’t here tomorrow would I have been HAPPY with my life?


After an AWESOME w/e in Edinburgh with my wife & daughter visiting my Dad and taking part in Rough Runner (15km obstacle course) with my friend, I would say YES.


Because seeing my family /firneds and doing crazy fitness stuff is what I LOVE.


I enjoy it and it makes me HAPPY.


Yeah I’m sporting some extra swagger today and randomly letting out ooo’s and ahhh’s but nothing some foam rolling and stretching can’t fix.


I chose to do the 15km instead of 5km.


I chose to TACKLE all the crazy obstacles.


I chose to KEEP running even though my legs hurt.


And at the finish line…


I chose to attempt the faster side of the travellator even though the risk of face planting was high and EVERYONE was watching.


Here’s how that went.


P.s I may look calm but with my legs jellified and feeling like lead I can confirm I wasn’t! lol.



Which leads me to what this blog is really all about – YOU!!


What choices will YOU make today / this week to bump up your numbers:


Will you eat HEALTHY food or eat rubbish?


(eat crap = feel like crap)


Will you ORGANIZE your week and get loads done or will you just plod along?


(actions speak louder than words)


Will you take a risk and get a sense of ACHIEVEMENT or will you play everything safe?


(the most amazing things can happen when you step out your comfort zone)


Will you ACTIVELY make choices to take you closer to your goals?


(don’t expect change from the effort you didn’t make)


Most importantly,


Will you reach your FULL POTENTIAL and be the happiest you can be?


Only YOU know the answers.


Make decisions that support the person you WANT to be…


You started by opening this email so well done, keep those POSITIVE choices going.
I know you can do it and YOU know you can do it!


Life’s too short and time is precious so GRAB Monday by the balls, let’s get ON IT this August and PUSH closer to being that person!


Happy Motivation Monday : )


Have an awesome week and CHOOSE wisely.


Lee ‘making the most of life’ Donald x



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