Happy Bank Holiday Monday.


I hope you had a great w/e.


How’s your MOTIVATION today?


After having an awe-inspiring time at the SFN (Sports Fitness Nutrition) Expo in Glasgow at the w/e, I can tell you I’ve come back more motivated than EVER!


The level of commitment, dedication and effort some of the competitors, models, strongmen and speakers put into being the BEST they can possibly be was INCREDIBLE.


Now I’m not saying we should all become fitness models but I AM saying if you’re prepared to put in the effort, YOUR results can be truly AMAZING too!!


Do you need to change everything overnight? – NO


It comes down to small, positive changes made on a daily basis – CONSISTENCY!!


Something I KNOW you’re capable of – we all are.


And it just so happens you have a NEW day, NEW week, (almost) NEW month and NEW opportinities at your fingertips to get where you want to be.


So let’s get you feeling super SEXY this September and not only get your body rockin’ but also your CONFIDENCE and POSITIVITY!


As always, I’m here to help you all the way and today I’m not only going to share with you a couple of awesome tips to INSTANTLY boost your confidence.


This hit home with ALOT of people at the w/e.

Check it out



I also have a Sizzling Sexy September Special Offer for you.


If want you to get back into a ROUTINE now the kids are back, look and feel your SEXIEST ever this month aaaand save some £££ while you do it.


You’ve gotta press PLAY : )



Heads Up – Only 10 Available!!


I could tell you how FANTASTIC my classes are and all the AMAZING results you can achieve,


But I’d rather let the lovely women who actually attend share their experience and PROGRESS.


Untitled design (3)


Want to be the FIRST to get your hands on this slice of sexy awesomeness?


PM me on Facebook (Lee Donald Personal Training) @ 8am on TOMORROW – Tuesday 30th August


1st come 1st served.


I’ll confirm if you’re one of the first 10 and reply with my BANK DETAILS.


Transfer the relevant amount by 2pm on tomorrow and we can get ‘operation sexy’ STARTED!


Here’s to making September your SEXIEST yet!!


Terms & Conditions:

1. You may purchase one 5 class and one 10 class maximum per person.
2. Payment must be made via bank transfer on Tues 30th August by 2pm.
3. Special Offer Cards to be used by one person only.
4. Special Offer cards to be collected at class.
5. Special Offer cards may be bought as a gift.
6. Must be used by Friday 16th December.


BodyMax Network class info:


Obviously I know many of you reading this DON’T live in Aberdeen and sadly can’t make the most of this opportunity but don’t worry…


I haven’t forgotten about you!


Stay tuned to Thursday’s blog.


I’ll SPICING up the 1st of September and delivering you a WICKED 10min calorie crushing, body sculpting workout that will definitely bring SEXY back!!

Lee ‘got you covered’ Donald x



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