Wowzers….it’s landed!!


September has officially kicked off and as promised on Monday,


I’m here to help you bring SEXY back this month.


To help you take CONTROL back, build your CONFIDENCE and enter October feeling AMAZEBALLS!


More importantly I aim to make that process as SIMPLE and EASY as possible.


Aaaaaand to get us started I have a WICKED workout for you.


Prepare to BURN crazy calories, BLAST away those muffin tops and bingo wings, get your heart PUMPIN and get a SWEAT on.


Of course, I could have just WRITTEN down the exercises for your Sizzling Sexy September workout but…


I decided to take the time to FILM it,


SHOW you exactly what each exercise is,


HOW to do them effectively,


And even TIMED it all so all you need to do is press play and GO!


Cause THAT’S how much I care and want you to SUCCEED.


You’re welcome : )


On your phone, ipad, laptop or hooked up to your TV – Enjoy.


Time: 10 – 20mins (press play 2 – 4 times)


Equipment: Nada


No Gym No Problem.


45 secs ON / 15 secs OFF



You’ll hear me mention in the video I’d already filmed TWO MAX Experience workouts prior to this.


And I have some EXCITING NEWS for you.


The MAX Experience only opens it’s doors FOUR times a year.


The LAST time those doors will open in 2016 is the last week of THIS month!!


So if you like the ease of being to lose weight, get in shape and feel super sexy WITHOUT stepping foot in a gym…


You’ll LOVE The MAX Experience – stay tuned.

Lee ‘getting her sizzle on’ Donald x



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