Firstly, I hope you’re having a great Bank Holiday weekend.


Secondly, my apologies.


Every Monday, I always write a blog with either some tips, motivation, perhaps a workout or anything I can think of to help you look & feel your best.


But today, I’m seriously struggling for time and rushed off my feet.


Ain’t no holiday here, lol.


Buuut it’s in a good way and have some exciting news to share instead : )


Two weeks TODAY, my first fitness class of 2021 will be kicking off – BodyMax Blast


Aaaand after 14 long months, my other fitness class BodyMax will also be making a comeback!!


Woop woop – can’t wait.


To add to the excitement, there’s been some big changes behind the scenes so crazy busy getting things organised.



If you’re a woman.


If you’re over 16 years old.


If you live in or near Aberdeen.


If you need some help shifting those lockdown pounds, getting fitter, boosting your confidence and feeling happier in yourself before Summer lands.


Stay tuned!!


This Thursday, I’ll be revealing BodyMax’s NEW location as well as giving you exact details on how and when to book both classes.


Whether you’re interested in coming to classes or not.


Let’s just take a minute to appreciate and celebrate that the world is slowly getting back to abit of normality!


Lee ‘busy bee’ Donald x



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