‘OMG – Are you serious??!’


Saturday night, enjoying some aprés event drinkies and I come back from the toilet to a MASSIVE cheer.


‘Well done Lee, you did it – you’re 5th!!’


Am pretty sure that OMG was actually WTF as I was so genuinely shocked at what I’d just heard.


What my lovely BodyMaxers (fitness class members and fellow Beasts) were telling me was that I was Top 5th Fastest Female at The Beast of Banchory on Saturday.​​​​​​​


For those thinking – Sounds great Lee, but what’s The Beast?


The Beast Race takes place around and IN Knochburn Loch every year.


It’s a 10km uphill, downhill, muddy, heather hopping running event with 30 obstacles to help raise money for Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland.


Even as a ‘seasoned’ Tough Mudder, The Beast of Banchory is no walk in the park and definitely lives up to its name.


Infact, I’d actually been looking forward to / dreading the event for a whole YEAR.


2 years ago, my goal was to get a DECENT time and obviously have FUN along the way.


It wasn’t easy but managed to make Top 18th fastest female and safe to say – GOAL ACHIEVED.


Last year, the goal got a little crazier and I wanted to make Top 10 Fastest Female.


1 hours 4 mins later it took me to Top 8th fastest female with only 5 mins between me and 1st place – super chuffed and GOAL ACHIEVED.


Aaaaand that’s when it got a little CRAY CRAY.


The goal on Saturday was to BEAT my placing last year.


BIG, kind of ridiculous and honestly no idea whether I could do it or not but either way.


Come Saturday – EVERYBODY who I’d announced this crazy goal to on my social media would know.


Eeeeek no pressure! lol.


To add this, my 17 month old didn’t care I needed a good sleep the night before.


A restless night and awake since 3.30am…


To say I needed a DOUBLE espresso to simply function was an understatement.


Accompanied by my asthma which has been getting worse, gammy thumb I sliced a small chunk out of earlier in the week and other factors.


It wasn’t looking promising and this wasn’t the PLAN!


But hey, judgment day was here and backing out was NOT an option.


It was time to pull up my ‘big girl pants’ and suck it up buttercup.


I placed myself right at the front of the start line in the very 1st wave (see pic above) – this alone took some ‘balls’.


Through 10km of 30 obstacles, mud, heather and freezing lakes I went.


A gruelling 1 hour 10 later, I’d find out later that night.




Again with only 5 mins between myself and 1st place, I honestly can’t put into words how incredible it felt to have done so well.


To then see my BodyMaxers (who’d put a team together) smash their way through The Beast and cross the finish line too.


(see pic above).


I was PROUD as punch!!


You rocked it girls, well done xx


And on that day many vodkas were drunk – The End : )


Moral of The Story


1. Goals are ESSENTIAL for success.


They give you something to aim for, purpose and most importantly keep you MOTIVATED.


Not to mention give you theee most AMAZING feeling when you hit them.


2. Life will ALWAYS throw you curve balls.


Sometimes you need a Plan B, C and D.


If you don’t hit your goals 1st time do NOT give up.


Move the goal posts and split your bigger goals into smaller bite size ones.


3. There is NOTHING you can do more than your best.


No matter what happens, do your best and forget the rest.


4. Tell as MANY people as possible WHAT your goals are and WHEN you’re going to achieve them.


‘I’m going to lose 3 pounds in 2 weeks’.


‘I’m going to bust out 20 press ups on my feet by Halloween’.


You don’t need to announce it to the WORLD on social media like I did but…


Holding yourself accountable by telling people your goals is a super POWERFUL motivator.


5. NEVER underestimate what you’re capable of.


On that note.


Here’s to kicking the last week of ‘Sizzling Sexy September’s’ butt.


Have a fantastic week : )


Lee ‘The Beast Tamer’ Donald x



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