WOW – what a w/e!!


Before I share with you some SERIOUSLY awesome, life changing stuff.


Here’s a little of what I got up to : )


** After my lift aka sister forgot about me, lol I made the train to Edinburgh on Friday night by the SKIN of my teeth!


** I waded through the 1000’s of people in town and randomly bumped into my BodyMaxers (fitness class members) – TWICE.


** Had a NARROW escape from a 12 inch 1100 calorie hot dog.


** Tucked into my FIRST mince of the season which even came in it’s own box – This was a monumental moment, I looooove mince pies.


**Went to our FIRST ever Christmas market as a family and spent some QT with my wife, daughter and Dad (who lives in Edinburgh).


** Attended a business event with some GREAT people which was highly motivational and PACKED with knowledge bombs.

10 points if you can spy me in 3 seconds : )



Yuuup it was BUSY!!


And it was at this business event that I learned some awesome LIFE CHANGING stuff.


The most important being just how POWERFUL your mind is.


And how MUCH the way you think, can determine your success.


From business to fatloss and EVERYTHING in between your level of success is pretty much based on ONE thing.


Whether you have a FIXED mindset or a GROWTH mindset.


Which one do YOU have?


Here’s a slide from the talk to help you decide.


(the slide was referring to maths).




If you’ve got a GROWTH mindset then fantastic – all you need to apply is EFFORT.


However I know MANY people reading this are quite likely to have a FIXED mindset.


This is something we adopt through our own experience but also largely by what OTHER people project on us which shape our thoughts.


Having a FIXED mindset is something that can seriously PREVENT you from getting to where you want to be.


If that’s YOU…


Here’s 6 simple tips on how to flip your FIXED to GROWTH.


1. ACKNOWLEDGE imperfections.


2. View challenges as OPPORTUNITIES.


3. Use the word LEARNING instead of failing.


4. Learn from others MISTAKES.


5. WELCOME constructive criticism.


6. Create NEW goals.


If you’d like to see a few more interesting slides about this, head over to my Facebook Page @ Lee Donald Personal Training.


But for now I’ll leave you with this little MOTIVATIONAL gem.



Lee ‘loves getting her learn on’ Donald x



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