And hellooooo December!!


Yup the ‘BIG man’ arrives this month, Gobblers (aka Turkeys) are in HIGH demand and there’s festivities galore.


Now this may EXCITE you or it may induce instant feelings of STRESS.


Either way, there’s no denying….it’s a BUSY old time!


So I have a cheeky little tip to not only help you DE-STRESS but also help EASE those tired muscles AAAND give you a sh*t load of other health benefits!!


Ever heard of Epsom Salt?


This stuff is the dogs NOO NAA’S.


If you’re tired, stressed, have gout, sore joints, tender muscles after a workout (or Christmas shopping), suffer from black heads or poor skin this is the SHIZZLE.


Where do you get it?


Pharmacies, health stores, some superstores and online.




Here’s 8 TOP reasons why you may want to invest in some:


1. Eases Stress & Relaxes Your Body


Stress DRAINS the body of magnesium and INCREASES levels of adrenaline.


When dissolved in warm water, Epsom salt is absorbed through the skin and REPLENISHES the level of magnesium in the body.


The magnesium then helps to produce serotonin (your HAPPY mood boosting chemical in your brain) which instantly makes you feel LESS stressed and MORE relaxed.


2. Relieves Pain & Cramping


Epsom salts absorbed through the skin also help RELIEVE muscle tension, pain and inflammation in joints.


From headaches, muscles cramps, sore joints, tender muscles to tired feet – Epsom salt baths have got you covered.


3. Helps Prevent Hardening of Arteries & Blood Clots


Epsom salt is believed to help prevent heart disease and strokes by IMPROVING blood circulation, protecting the elasticity of arteries, preventing blood clots and REDUCING the risk of sudden heart attacks.


4. Makes Insulin More Effective


Proper magnesium and sulfate levels INCREASE the effectiveness of insulin in the body which can help to LOWER the risk or severity of diabetes.


5. Soothe Sprains and Bruises


Epsom salts are anti-inflammatory so great for reducing the soreness from sprains and bruises.


Just add two cups of salts to a warm bath and you’re good to go.


6. Ease The Discomfort of Gout


Add a couple of tablespoons of Epsom salts to hot water and soak affected body parts (hands, feet, knees and elbows are common).


The Magnesium sulfate will then soak through the skin and into the swollen joints to help ALLEVIATE the pain and inflammation.


Water should be as hot as comfortable.


Soak for about 30 minutes.


7. Dislodge Blackheads


Add a teaspoon of Epsom salt and 3 drops of iodine (available online and in health shops) into a half cup of boiling water.


Apply this mixture to the blackheads with a cotton ball and VOILÁ.


8. Relieves Constipation


Epson salt acts as a DETOXIFYING agent for colon cleansing.


The salt acts like a laxative by increasing water in the intestines and can bring about temporary RELIEF from constipation.


However, you should always consult your doctor before doing this.


If you’re going to ingest it, make sure you get ‘food grade’.


These are just a handful of the AMAZING benefits of Epsom Salts.


And with a BUSY time ahead, TIRED feet from all that Christmas shopping, STRESSES of juggling everything


Oh and not forgetting TENDER muscles from STEP 1 of the 3 Step Plan to keep in shape this festive season


Click here


If you missed it.


You’ll LOOOOOVE a supercharging soak in an epic Epsom salt bath!!

Lee ‘doesnt do baths but when I do’ Donald x



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