Whether it’s from Halloween, bonfire night, the beginning of the festivities or simply celebrating the w/e.


Monday is ALWAYS a day people seem to get that post-celebration hangover.


If you’re jumping onboard that ‘GUILT TRAIN’ thinking you:


‘shouldn’t have eaten this’

‘shouldn’t have drank that’


Guess what? – Oops too late!


It happened.


There’s nothing you can do to change it so let’s move forward and focus on what you CAN change.


If you did go a little crazy, over indulged, ate too much, drank too much and not feeling your ‘freshest’ today.


You’ll no doubt need some MOTIVATION and a wicked workout to get you back on track.


Aaaand I’ve got you covered.


If you’re in Aberdeen and want to get ‘Festive Frock Ready’ for all those parties and social events coming up.


I’ll not only show you how to FIRM up those wobbly bits, tone your tummy and banish your bingo wings in just 30mins.


I’ll also help you ENJOY the process and meet an amazing bunch of like-minded women : )


​​I’m Interested Lee – Tell me more:


Don’t live in Aberdeen?


Don’t worry – I’ve still got you covered.


Here’s an AWESOME ab-flab busting, mood boosting Monday workout.


It’s 10mins max so even if you’re super BUSY there really is no excuse.


Equipment Nada
Time – 10 mins


30secs Squat Jumps
10secs Squat Hold


30secs Pushups
10secs Plank Hold


30secs Burpees
10 secs High Knees


Repeat 3-5 times – No rest


It’s the 1st Monday of the month so let’s inject some POSITIVITY and get November rockin’.


Still not convinced to get your butt moving?


Seriously….watch this!!



Lee ‘spreading positive vibes and kickass workouts’ Donald x



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