* Carbs make you fat.


* Fat makes you fat.


* Fruit makes you fat.


* Sugar makes you fat.


* Genetics make you fat.


* Starvation mode is real.


* Carbs after 6pm make you fat.


* Raspberry Ketones work.


* Fasted cardio burns more fat.


* Tablets can stop you absorbing carbs/fat.


* Bananas contain more calories when mashed.


* Losing weight means you’ve lost bodyfat.


​​​​​​​* Calories don’t matter when you’re counting points.


* Going Keto, Vegan, Paleo, gluten free is better for weightloss.


I suspect you may have heard quite a few of these weightloss MYTHS before.


If you still believe any of these, sorry – you’ve been lied to!


Unfortunately magazines, newspapers, celebrities and social media can be full of sh*t for lack of a better way of putting it.


These NON evidence based ‘claims’ cause nothing but confusion and make the process of losing weight 10x harder.


The goodnews, is that I’m all about keeping things simple and I’ll help you as much possible push past that rubbish and provide you with FACTS.




Just incase you missed this over on my social media.


Here’s another one of those ridiculous weightloss myths about jelly bellys, bingo wings and muffin tops.



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Hmm, tell me more Lee:


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