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Am happy to say, I’ve fully recovered from the w/e’s partying shenanigans, lol.


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There was a ‘top secret’ recipe from our annual BodyMax Network BBQ that quite a few people have been asking for so…..I thought I’d share.


Without a doubt, the TASTIEST recipe you don’t have.


Drum roll pleeeeease.


Let me introduce – TACO SALAD


If you’ve never experienced taco salad before, you’re seriously missing out.


This is HUGE is Canada.


And lucky for me, I have an amazing Canadian wife who one day took this WONDERFUL dip of goodness into my life!


Fab for parties and traditionally eaten with tortilla crisps but you can eat it with whatever crisps you like.


And ehhhh if you’re a piggy like me….a spoon!! lol.




x1 Iceberg lettuce

x1 big juicy tomato

x1 tub salsa (optional)

x1 bag of grated cheese (reduced fat if you prefer)

x1 Pack of Taco seasoning

x1 Big tub Philadelphia light

x1 300g tub of soured cream

x1 medium pack lean mince

x1 or 2 bags of tortilla crisps

Spring onions to taste




1. Brown mince with half pack of Taco seasoning (set aside to coo).


2. Mix together sour cream, cream cheese and remaining Taco seasoning until smooth.


3. Place sour cream mixture into 8×8 (ideally) pyrex dish


(cling film and put in fridge till firm, approx 1 hour).


4. Take sour cream mix out fridge when firm, then place 1 thin layer of mince on top.


5. Follow with a layer of salsa (optional).


6. Layer of lettuce.


7. Layer of pre-chopped tomato.


8. Layer of grated cheese.


9. Top with sprinkling of spring onion.


10. Return to fridge to keep cool/firm before serving.


This may sound like a crazy combo but trust me – it WORKS!!


Give it a go…..and thank me later : )


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