OK here we go!!


I promised you a ‘too good not to grab’ special offer this week so let’s jump straight to it.


‘Why the offer Lee?’


It was LDPT’s 8th Birthday on Sunday and I wanted to give back to say thank you.


We’re also about to hit ‘Jelly Belly June’ and PERFECT timing.


With Summer only 3 weeks away and the countdown till holidays on, it’s important you look and feel your BEST.


It’s crap feeling self conscious, not having clothes that fit properly and being embarrassed about your holiday pictures.


Believe it or not – I’ve been there too as you can see below.



The good news is that I found a full proof way that allows me to still eat squashies, drink vodka, never exercise for more than 30mins and still keep in great shape.


Aaaand it doesn’t involve detox drinks, waist trainers or ‘magic’ pills!!


So I wanted to give all the lovely women reading this a fantastic opportunity to do exactly the same.


‘Ok, I’m listening – what’s the offer Lee?’


For 2 weeks only I’ll be giving you an exclusive and whopping 50% discount to test drive The MAX Experience.


My award winning online health, fitness & nutrition hub helping women worldwide lose weight, eat better, get fitter and feel happier without having to join a gym!


Where I share all my ‘secrets’ to help you get your confidence back and smash the pants off your goals.




Home workouts

✅ Tasty breakfast, lunch & dinner recipes

✅ Educational videos

✅ Private Facebook group

✅ Fantastic community of women

✅ Weekly check ins

✅ Live Q&A’s

✅ Unlimited support from me personally


Plus so much more!!


There’s everything you need to succeed right at your fingertips.


Usually £19.99 p/m.


But for 2 weeks you’ll have the chance to grab a crazy bargain and get your 1st month for £9.99.


Yup – less than a tenner or bottle of voddy!!


No contract (I hate contracts) – you can cancel any time.


Lots of people make fatloss complicated and extreme but in The MAX Experience I’ll show you how to keep it super simple.


How to still eat the FOOD you enjoy.


How to still have ALCOHOL in your life.


How to make exercise quick, FUN and not a chore.


And how to make small changes on a daily basis you can sustain for the rest of your LIFE.


‘Ooo sounds amazing Lee, how can I jump onboard?’


The ‘Special Offer’ doors aren’t open yet.


But I’ll be writing a blog with that exclusive discount link this Sunday 2nd June @ 4pm.


So stay tuned.

The opportunity will be there.


It’s up to you whether you choose to grab it : )


Lee ‘loves a bargain’ Donald x



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