How’s your week going?

Are you keep strong with your goals or are you struggling?


It can be pretty tough making changes and trying to establish good habits so to help you out, below are my top 10 tips to achieve & maintain a healthy weight.


1. Drink more water:

Essential for your body to function but also enables your body’s ability to burn fat!


2. Eat More Protein:

Protein helps you feel fuller for longer (less likely to snack or get cravings).


3. Eat More Fibre:

Fibre also helps you feel fuller for longer but also keeps your digestive system healthy (healthy gut = healthy body).


4. Make Wise Choices Eating Out:

Stay away from refined carbs as much as possible so swap those chips for salad and vegetables.


5. Eat Slower:

It takes approx 20mins for your stomach to tell your brain that you’re full.

How many people experience, especially at Christmas time that extreme full feeling simply because they ate TOO much TOO fast?!

Feel satisfied but not uncomfortable by taking it slower.


6. If it’s in a Tin – Bin it, If it’s in a Packet – Sack it:

Small exceptions to this rule such as tuna or vegetables that are raw but packed are ok but generally speaking anything that comes from a tin or packet is likely to be processed and full of preservatives and other ‘obesity additives’ to prevent you losing weight.


7. Always Be Prepared:

Make sure you never get in the position of being so hungry that you binge and over eat (usually on processed, sugary, high fat foods) simply because your blood sugar levels drop too low.

Always have a small snack handy such as a piece of fruit or small bag of nuts to keep you going.


8. Prepare For The Week:

Make sure you do your shop for the week and try not to deviate off course.

If you pack your lunch for work, eat your lunch and resist going across the road or to the canteen for that hot choc and piece of cake.

Have your evening meals thought out too so you know exactly what you’re having.

Snacking should be limited but make sure you have enough healthy snacks available for easy access to prevent snacking on processed foods.


9. Don’t Be Fooled by So-Called ‘Health Bars’:

These ‘health’ bars may be lower in calories but are full of sugars that like to stick to your stomach and they’re usually high in price….hmmm paying for a bigger belly – No thanks!


10. Don’t Punish Yourself :
If we could all eat perfectly healthy 100% of the time then we would not have the obesity problems that are occurring in today’s society.

HOWEVER if we eat as close to this as possible (think 80%) then we are more likely to be successful in maintaining a healthy bodyweight.

If you cave in and have some cake that doesn’t mean you need to eat 10 more cakes.

Don’t punish yourself, you can still turn the rest of the day around.


So there you have it guys.

Keep making those small positive changes, stay strong and I promise you WILL get there.


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