Haaaappy New year!!


Oh it’s gooooooood to be back…


Two whole weeks away from normality and I hope you’ve enjoyed spending time with your friends/families, indulging in those food and beverages and kicking those feet up because NOW it’s time to get serious!!


Are you ready to jump start January?

Have you set your goals?


Perhaps your goals you’ve set this year are the same you set last year (highly common).




Because people give up too easily!


Ever wondered where you’d be if you never gave up?

What you’re capable of if you REALLY got stuck in?


2015 is YOUR year to shine so transform those fleeting thoughts of change into REALITY.


Will it be a bumpy road?

Will it involve failures to produce success?

Will it be a learning curve?

Will it be worth it?




Because in the words of L’Oreal…..YOU’RE WORTH IT!!


If you mess up one day and miss a workout. 

Fall off the wagon and stuff your face with doughnuts.

Get drunk and munch a kebab on the way home – SO WHAT??!


Learn from your mistake, how it made you feel and don’t let ONE day stop you achieving a lifetime of happiness!


‘Nothing that’s worthwhile is ever easy.  Remember that’ – Nicholas Sparks

And I’m here to help you all the way kickin’ off with a bit of motivation so let’s get ready to get 2015 rockin!


Happy Motivational Monday : )


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Say hello, tell me your goals or what you’ve done today to make a positive change…I LOVE hearing from you!!



Lee ‘back in the game’ Donald x


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