Happy Monday and Happy Halloween Eve!!


Want to hear something SCAAAAARY ?


As result of trick or treating / Halloween it’s expected:


CHILDREN will consume over 3000 extra calories.


PARENTS will consume almost 2000 extra calories.


To top it off it’s estimated people will GAIN 7-10 pounds during the festive season.


Aaaaaand that’s just around the corner!!


Yup I hate to point out the obvious but…


OVER consumption of those sweets, chocolates and Proseccos can be DEADLY not only to your weightloss goals but also your confidence and clothes.


So here’s my Top 7 Tips to help your waistline SURVIVE Halloween:


1. Put All Sweets/Candy/Cakes/Crisps in A Tupperware Box.


If the kids have a ‘stock’ – keep it in a cupboard you don’t usually use.


Out of SIGHT, out of mind!


And if it didn’t get handed to Trick or Treaters – give it AWAY.


2. Have A Mini Workout.

Even if it’s only 2 mins.


Iit’ll not only burn some cheeky EXTRA calories but it’ll also give enough time for your cravings to PASS.


They only last approx 2mins!


Burpees anyone?


3: Think Forward


If you see some sugary crap that you quite fancy but know it’s definitely NOT going to take you closer to your goals.


Think forward about how you’ll FEEL after you eat it.


From the feeling of bloatedness, feeling tired, sick, how your belly will look, etc.


Visualising this in your MIND can quite easily be enough to stop you.


4. Take A Quick Picture of Your Food Before You Eat it.


What you EAT in private you WEAR in public.


If you wouldn’t share it on social media…


5. Brush Your Teeth.


Super simple but you’ll be AMAZED how well this works.


Ever eaten a biscuit, gummy or pack of crisps with minty fresh breath?


Uuurgggh NO thanks.


6. Go Shopping and Stock Up on Healthy Foods.


If you’ve got GOOD food in the cupboard you’ll eat good food, if you’ve got crap in the cupboard…


(you catch my drift).


EAT crap = FEEL like crap.


7. Forgive Yourself.


EVERYBODY loves a bit of ‘naughtiness’ now and again.


If you indulge, enjoy the moment then let it GO.


Don’t start a DOWNWARD spiral of self-loathing over a bumper pack of funsize choccys and haribos.


Alleviating stress also REDUCES the stress hormone Cortisol which can make you hold onto belly fat.


Take a deep breath and enjoy the holiday.


Check out this simple, healthy, Halloween ‘Roasted Pumpkin Seed’ recipe on my Facebook Page.


They may not look overly ‘exciting’ but they’re super tasty!!



Steal the recipe here:


Lee ‘loves abit of pumpkin pie’ Donald x



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