How’s your week going?
Have you been ‘good’ with your food?
Are you making time for your workouts?


I know there’s alot of people still on holiday right now and we’re coming up to a BUSY time of year.


Halloween next week followed by all the festive madness in the run up to Christmas then BOOOM before we know it – 2018!!


I get it.


It’s busy and that’s when we start to get a little more STRESSED.


* Don’t EAT as well.
* Don’t SLEEP as well.
* Fall into BAD habits.
* Don’t WORKOUT as much.
* Pick up COLDS and illnesses.
* The darker morning/nights get you DOWN, etc, etc ,etc.


Sound familiar?


This is EXACTLY the time of year you need be on top of your game!!


Eating healthy, tasty food is going to help BOOST your immune system, FIGHT off the lurgy and give you that much needed ENERGY.


Not to mention get you in the BEST shape possible for your festive social events.


Who DOESN’T want to rock up to a party feeling comfortable, confident & sexy?


If you’re struggling to feel comfortable, confident, sexy and happy then make sure you act FAST.


There’s only 1 day left of ‘Operation October’ and a massive £20 OFF a personalized 6 Week Nutrition Plan.


On Friday 27th Oct @ 8pm (tomorrow) – they’ll be going back up to FULL price.


Donna lost 3.4 kgs, 5 cm off her waist and 3 cm off her hips on her very 1st week.


She’s also got more energy, loves the food and DELIGHTED how things are going.


If you’d like a piece of this happy pie, just hit the link below and let’s get you started:


Lee ‘shrinking waistlines and saving pennies’ Donald x



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