How was your w/e?
Are you ready for the week ahead?




Are you struggling?
Does curling up in a ball sound amazing right now?


To be honest, last Thursday I was definitely feeling the ball curling action – yes ME.


Most PT’s won’t admit this and I imagine it’s hard to tell from all their social media posts making it look like they NEVER struggle but here’s a little secret.


We have ‘off’ days too and I’m not ashamed to say it.


But here’s the awesome part of suffering from that CBA syndrome (can’t be ar*ed).


Last Thursday I went from:


Feeling tired
Having a sore head.
Not up for running at ALL.



Having a rather enjoyable run.
Experiencing an incredible sense of achievement.​​​​​​​
Buzzing and feeling like a boss : )


NEVER underestimate the power of exercise.


And you know what?


It’s OK to not be excited before your workout.


If you missed my Thursday video and TOP TIP to bring your mojo back.


Press Play.



And if sh*t really does hit the fan and you MISS a workout (gasp), the workout police are NOT going to cuff you and throw you in jail.


So when your motivation dips.


What ELSE can you do to keep yourself on track?


1. Set Yourself A Goal.


Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time framed (SMART).


Having something to aim for gives everything a PURPOSE!


2. PLAN Your Workouts


Wherever you note your doctors and hair appointments.


WRITE it down – you’ll be much more likely get it done.


If you want to plan aaand SAVE some pennies.


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3. Tell Your Partner, Family Members, Friends so They Can SUPPORT You.


Even the most SUCCESSFUL people have a support network.


4. Turn Your Screen Saver into Your Fave POSITIVE Quote & Change it Weekly.


HOW many times do you look at your phone? – ‘Nuff said.


5. Make A HAPPY Picture Visible & Look at it While Getting Ready in The Morning.


Starting the day with happy vibes can make or break your ENTIRE day.


6. Clear Your Fridge / Cupboards of ENERGY Zapping, WAISTLINE Expanding, GOAL Sabotaging Crap.


Everything you consume directly EFFECTS your energy, mood, concentration, fatloss, health and progress.


If you need a little help to regain control and feel HAPPIER in yourself.


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7. Use The POWER of Imagination.


Each time you feel yourself wanting to get into that fetal position and give up, IMAGINE you’ve reached your ultimate goal.


How do you LOOK?
How do you FEEL?


What’s your life like?
Is it worth it?


8. Go To Bed At A Decent Time & Sleep in a Batcave.


Lack of sleep = Lack of energy = Lack of motivation!


It’ll also mess with your hormones and send your food cravings into OVERDRIVE.


Make you moody, affect your energy, your looks, AND prevent your body’s ability to burn fat and, and, and, and…


Bottom line, sleep should be a PRIORITY.


All those tips will take you minimal effort but hey, a little bit of effort can go a LONG way!!


Lee ‘injecting some motivation into Monday’ Donald x



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