I hope you had a great w/e.

WOW mine was muddy and hardcore but awesome fun…

If you read Thursday’s blog you’ll know I was in Yorkshire for Tough Mudder.

5 under my belt now but mee oh myyy that was the TOUGHEST!

(ultimate goal – complete 10 and get that BLACK headband).


Here’s what happened BEFORE:



Only 2 of us in The Brew Crew this time and sadly no team of supporters but super proud to say we made it round in about 2.5hrs.
I can also confirm the terrain in Yorkshire is NOT flat….at ALL….in the SLIGHTEST! lol.
We were either going UP hill or DOWN hill for a full 11 miles, it was HARD going but chuffed to pull off some pretty cool statistics.
*1st female to conquer Everest 1st time.

*1st female to attempt King of The Swingers.

*1st female to hit that King of The Swinger bell woohooo.

*4th female to cross the finish line.


Here’s a cheeky little AFTER video:



Yup am sporting some extra swagger today and randomly letting out ooo’s and ahhh’s, lol but nothing some foam rolling and stretching can’t fix.
Throughout the whole 20km there were choices to be made.
To run or to walk.

To give up or keep going.

To take on the obstacle or pass the obstacle.

To face my fear or run away from it.

(I hate heights – cue King of The Swingers).


Through choices I made, I managed to pull myself over EVERY obstacle unassisted and despite being defeated by Funky Monkey and Dead Ringer…

I know I did my best, PUSHED as hard as I could and at some points scared the ‘bejesus’ out of myself….the result

I’m a stronger, fitter, healthier and happier person than I was BEFORE the w/e.

Which leads me to what this email is really all about – YOU!!

Assess the choices YOU have made in the last few days / last month.


Did you eat HEALTHY food or have you eaten rubbish?

Did you ORGANIZE your week and get loads done or did you just plod along?

Did you take a risk and get a sense of ACHIEVEMENT or did you play everything safe?

Are you ACTIVELY making choices to take you closer to your goals?


Most importantly – are YOU reaching your FULL POTENTIAL?!


Only YOU know the answers.

Make decisions that support the person you WANT to be…

You started by opening this blog so well done, keep those positive choices going.

I know you can do it and YOU know you can do it!

Life’s too short and time is precious so GRAB Monday by the balls, let’s get ON IT this August and PUSH closer to being that person!


This weeks affirmation…

‘I’m going to make decisions that help me reach my full potential’




Want to see some pics of the w/e?

Head over to my Facebook/Instagram Page.


Want to know what Dead Ringer, Everest & King of The Swingers is all about?

Check out the short videos on my Youtube Channel


Have an awesome week and CHOOSE wisely.


Lee ‘chasing that black headband’ Donald x



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