Happy Bank Holiday Monday.


Wowzers, how did we get here so fast?!


However, not complaining – it’s been fab to get some decent weather.


Yesterday was lush.


Finally….out with the ‘Winter wardrobe’ and in with the ‘Summer wardrobe’


Although, I could be wrong, but I’m guessing most people reading this perhaps feel a little uncomfortable busting out their Summer stuff.


Change about 5 times before going out.


Don’t feel happy looking in the mirror.


Feel self conscious, criticise every part of their body.


Get upset, frustrated.


And wish they were slimmer.


Am I right?


Cue jumping on the latest fad, shake, pill, detox, cleanse or unnecessary over restriction of food in the desperate search for a quick fix and fast results.


So today I just wanted to help you out by giving you some knowledge.


To help you to beat through all the weightloss industry bullsh*t out there (believe me, there’s ALOT).


And to explain what you can start doing TODAY that will 100% guarantee you amazing results whilst allowing you to enjoy the process at the same time.


Let’s start with all that weightloss industry bullsh*t and what to AVOID.


1. Don’t Believe Someone Just Because They Call Themselves a Dr.



It’s a scientifically proven fact that calories in vs calories out is the one and only method and reason to which weighltoss or weightgain will occur.


This is has been proven time and time again, however people like Dr. Jade can make more money and have a lucrative weightloss business by fooling you into thinking it’s something else like your hormones.


Dr. Jade also thinks exercise is bad advice for weightloss (big face palm moment).


Whether your goal is weightloss or not, exercise plays such an incredibly important role not only in our physical health but also mental health and should ALWAYS be advised.


Exercise also play a huge part in our calorie burn, not necessarily a workout in itself but generally being active ie your steps.


And just to save you any confusion:


Your metabolism in not at a standstill – if it was…you would dead!!

Your metabolism is not broken – if it was…you would also be dead.

Your metabolism does not need to ‘reset’ – this is not physiologically possible.


2. Stay Away From Quizzes.


Whether it’s a weightloss quiz for your body type, blood type, metabolic type.


It’s all utter rubbish but a great way to waste your time, be sold an unnecessary, ineffective product and be ripped off.


This guy, V-Shred is everywhere trying to sell you the story the reason you’re not losing weight is because you’re not eating for your body type – just NO.



3. Avoid Anything with Unrealistic Claims


Such as ‘lose 10 pounds in 10 days’.


If this happens, congratulations, you just lost a sh*t load of water, precious muscle and felt like crap cause you starved yourself and mostly like drank something that tasted like poo.


All that weight (sadly not muscle) will go back on as soon as you start eating ‘normally’ again and you’ll be back to square one but with less money.


As much as we’d like them to, quick fixes just….don’t….work.


4. Don’t Buy Stupid Gadgets



If it sounds too good to be true – it usually is.


If it claims you’re gonna lose a tonne of weight by not doing anything – forget it.


Under this also comes fatburners and tablets that claims to help you burn more fat, prevent your body creating fat or helping you burn fat ‘all night long’.


5. Stay Clear of Anything/Anyone That Says Detox or Cleanse.


This is a HUGE business but unfortunately all a con.


Your body is an amazing machine and has a whole array of detoxing and cleansing organs such as your kidneys and liver.


Seriously, please save your money.


Oh and apple cider vinegar?


Tastes awful and does feck all, you don’t need to drink this or take it in tablet form.


OK, well this all sounds interesting Lee but what should I be doing?


Glad you asked.


✅ Focusing on your daily habits (yawn).


Yup, I get it.


Not sexy or not magical buuut your 100% full proof way of not only get amazing results but most importantly LASTING results so you don’t need to stress about busting out your Summer wardrobe ever again.


And that’s exactly what all the women inside The MAX Experience are doing.


I’ll help you save time and effort by teaching you the daily habits that will help you get better results faster.


I’ll also give you all the coaching, support and accountability you need to keep things simple, make it work around your busy lifestyle and set you up for success.


No gym required.

No giving up socialising or your fave foods.


Just small changes on daily basis to help you lose weight, get in shape and feel GREAT!


Grab a FREE 7 Day Trial or sign up for only 65p a Day!


(no contract/cancel anytime).


But don’t just take my word for it – check out Susan.


Despite Easter and a 2 week holiday with her family, MAX Experience member and Mum of three Susan is still making incredible progress!!



Want to feel happier and more positive like Susan?


Just tap here and let’s get you started.


Lee ‘arming you with knowledge’ Donald x



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