Well….that’s it.


The kid’s holidays have officially landed.


Cue parents struggling to find things to occupy their kids aaand burn off the endless amount of energy our little, lovable balls of excitement seem to have.


Don’t worry – I’ve got your back!!


Whether you have kids and are desperately looking for something to keep them entertained….even for a short time.


Or child free and simply want a way to burn fat, get fit and crank up those feel good vibes.


THIS is for you!!


A few years ago the Mini Boss (my daughter) and I did a couple free live ABC workouts to help everyone through those crazy Covid lockdown times


Even the Baby Boss (my son) made an appearance:


They’re fast, fun and perfect for helping little ones burn off some energy!




** Forward 3mins to skip the chat get straight to the workout **




** Forward 5mins to skip the chat get straight to the workout **


Also fab for Mum’s who don’t take themselves too seriously and fancy getting off the couch for 15mins : )


If you know any other parents this would help, please do share.


Aaaand if you’re up for more of a challenge.


Here’s a FREE banging 20min full body sculpting workout especially for you grown ups.




I’ve edited the pre/post workout chat so all you need to do is press play.


🎯 If you’d like to know how to lose weight and keep it off.


🎯 How to spend less time getting better results from the comfort of your home.


🎯 How to make achieving your goals work around your busy schedule.


🎯 How to simply have a strong, fit, healthy, banging beach bod with the confidence and energy to match.


🎯 And lastly, how to do all this without giving up socialising or your fave foods.


All for only 65p a day!!


Check this out


Lee ‘loves giving away freebies’ Donald x



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