I hope you had a great w/e.


Given May is mental health awareness month, I thought I’d ask you a few important questions.


1️⃣ Did you take some time out for yourself at the weekend?

2️⃣ Do anything just for you?

3️⃣ Do you do this daily?


We spend so much time thinking about others.


Taking care of others.


Putting others first.


But you can’t pour from an empty cup (read that again).


I know it’s Monday’s and I know you may be super busy but I just wanted to give you a little reminder.


To sprinkle some motivation and to inject some positivity into your day.


Don’t forget to make some YOU time ❤️



And mostly,


I just wanted to remind you (in this crazy, busy world) how important YOU are.


Your mental health

Your happiness

Your goals

Your success

Your journey

Your relationships


They all start with ‘you’.


I know particularly as a Mum, this can be incredibly challenging but taking care of yourself is part of taking care of your kids.


The better you feel.


The better you’ll be able to be that Mum you want to be, have more energy, more patience and be able to enjoy everything 10x more.


Whether it’s a relaxing bath with some music and book.


Having a workout or little stroll while the kids are at school/nursery.


Or perhaps 5mins having a cuppa in peace.


Whatever your ‘you time’ looks like.


Take it, enjoy it and never feel guilty.


Lee ‘prioritising keeping her cup full’ Donald x



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