Happy Easter Monday! (yes this blog is a day late due to technical reasons)


Go on….hands up if you consumed a LARGER amount of calories than usual this weekend.


Yup, confession time – mine’s up too (I’m human).



However it’s happened, right?


Nobody ever dropped a dress size from eating healthy one weekend just like nobody ever got fat from indulging one weekend.


Consistency is key, Easter happens once a year and today is a NEW day.


So my best advice is to get back on it, stop feeling guilty and start chasing your goals again.


💬 Yeah Lee, but the kids are on holiday, it’s sunny, it’s raining, it’s the weekend…..bla bla blaa.


Sound familar?


Unfortunately, we give ourselves so many reasons NOT to do things.


Things that will ultimately help us lead a much healthier and happier life!


So today’s email is super short, simple and PERFECT if you feel like you’ve fallen off the wagon and in need of some motivation.


🎯 Your Challenge This Week:


Whether it’s a workout.


– Drinking X amount of water

– Doing X amount of steps

– Planning your meals

– Tracking your calories

– Eating more fruit/veg

– Drinking less alcohol

– Going to bed at the same time


Or simply taking 5mins to yourself each day.


Give yourself at least 3 reasons why you SHOULD and CAN.


Quite possibly the simplest yet most effective tip in the world to help you succeed.


Because when you start changing your mindset.


You’ll start changing your life!


Read those 2 lines again.




Where would you be by this time next week, month or year if you:


Stopped waiting for Monday, for Friday, for payday, the kids to go back to school, the summer to start.


And begun thinking positively, giving yourself reasons why you should, taking action and telling yourself that ‘you can’.


What would you look like?

How would you feel?


Shifting those pounds, getting fitter, healthier and feeling happier in yourself isn’t overly complicated, it just requires effort.


The kids will be back at school and Summer will be here before we know it.


So if there’s anything you’d like to change.


If you don’t want to feel exactly this Summer as you do NOW, then the time do something about it is always the present.


If you’re not already part of the Team and need a little help with this.


I’d love to welcome you onboard.


Whether you come along and join my women only fitness classes in Aberdeen.


✅ Perfect for women of all abilities who love being surrounded by other like-minded women, enjoy social events, who need ‘in person’ support and just want to look great & feel amazing without having to join a gym.





Whether you jump onboard my award winning, women’s only, online coaching platform The MAX Experience.


✅ Perfect for women wanting lasting, life changing results from the comfort of their own home, without having to give up socialising or any of their favourite foods.



The help & support is there but as always the choice is yours.


Some will grab the opportunity and change.


Some will do nothing and remain the same.


Lee ‘encouraging you to take action this April’ Donald x



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