Monday 16th January 2023 aka ‘Blue Monday’.


From post-Christmas debt, giving up on New Year resolutions to cold weather.


Today is meant to be the most DEPRESSING day of the year!


But an important thing to remember is:


What you give power to, has power over you…if you allow it.


And while it may NOT seem like happiness and positivity is a choice right now.


It always is.


It’s incredibly easy to point out the negatives each day.


It’s also easy to feel depressed because others around you are and somebody said it’s Blue Monday so you should feel blue.


But you have a choice!


So I challenge you today – challenge that narrative.


Be a rebel.


Filter those negative thoughts out your brain and start filling with it POSITIVE ones.


No matter how hard the positives may be to find – I promise, they’re there.


It’s not an easy process to do at first, but over time you’ll begin to re-wire your brain.


You’ll adopt a more positive mindset.


That filtering system that you struggled to create initially will become automatic.


You’ll become much more productive, stronger and happier.


Not just during Winter time, but through LIFE.


From work life, home life….you’ll start living your best life.


And it all starts with YOU.


‘How do you know Lee?’


Because that’s exactly how I turned my life and mindset around.


How I went from being on every anti-depressant out there, popping Prozac everyday, battling a 15 year eating disorder, addictions and having to climb out the deepest, darkest places in my head.


To building a ‘bullet proof’ mindset where I can not only overcome any obstacle in my way but also help others do the same.


Sure, it takes time.


But nothing will change in your life – unless you do.


And where you are tomorrow, next week, month, year is a direct result of the choices you make NOW.


So if I can encourage and motivate you to do anything today.


It’s CHALLENGE that narrative.


Say bugger off to Blue Monday along with all those negative vibes and hello to building a better, more positive you.


If you found this blog helpful, please share it with any friends/family you think may need to hear this today too : )


Lee ‘always inspiring to be better’ Donald x



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