I hope you had a good weekend.


Time seems to be flying and can’t quite believe we’re at the end of January already!!


How’s everything working out for you this year?


Are you managing to keep yourself on track or are you struggling?


Most Personal Trainer’s would never admit this, but I have to confess.


I’m struggling abit.


I have firm habits in place built over the years which enable me to have a strong mindset and stay positive.


Buuuut it’s abit of a mission right now fighting the ‘fluff’ aka bodyfat.


‘Really Lee? Didn’t think PT’s struggled with that kind of thing’.


Surprise – I’m human, lol.


Here’s the issue.


This usually isn’t a problem, however a few days before Christmas, I picked up a random achillies injury.


I’m making great progress but it’s not quite healed yet and I still have some major limitations.


– Can’t do any high impact exercise.


– Can’t currently run.


– Can’t play with my the Bosses (my kids) as I want to. I’m usually that parent running around like a nutter at the park.


– Can’t do too many steps.


– Can’t eat the calories I was used to eating.


Sure, all that sucks!!


But learning to accept the things you can’t change is incredibly empowering.


‘So why you struggling Lee?’


Less steps, no running and overall less energy expenditure means I need to seriously re-adjust my calorie intake.


I imagine this is familiar for EVERYONE who transitioned from going to work every day, visiting people, places and keeping relatively active to…


Sitting on their butts, working from home and not going our much due to so many restrictions being in place.


Which brings me onto some simple equations:


Burn MORE calories than you consume = Weight loss


Burn the SAME calories as you consume = Maintenance


Burn LESS calories than you consume = Weight gain


Yup, I’m currently the latter.


I just can’t eat what I used to a month ago as I’m just not as active.


If you’re struggling with weight gain too, here’s our choices.


1. Continue to complain about it, blame other people/situations and remain the same.




2. Own your excuses, take action and start moving forward.


Personally, I decided on taking action and got involved with ‘Tracking Sheet’ Week which was part of a ‘January Challenge’ I’m running inside The MAX Experience.


A simple sheet with the 5 KEY areas of focus for fast and effective fatloss.


Its only been a 1 week but WOW – what a difference!!


Have definitely lost abit of ‘fluff’ but most importantly, it feels amazing to re-gain control.


And it’s not just me!!



If you’d like to know what these 5 key areas are.


How to make weightloss simple.


How to do this without dieting or joining a gym.


And need some motivation and accountability to FEEL GOOD this Feb.


Check it out!!


So my two big questions for you today are:


1. What are you not happy about?

2. Are you going to be a complainer or action taker?


Action Takers Tap Here!


Lee ‘fluff fighter’ Donald x



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