I hope you had a great w/e.


Here we are.


Halloween & bonfire night firmly behind us and the festive season on the horizon.


Shops have been armed with festive decorations, advent calendars and wrapping paper for weeks now.


All the famous, emotion provoking adverts soon hitting our TV’s.


Some people have festive decorations up already (I kid you not) aaaand there’s Christmas chat just about anywhere you go.


Yup….It’s officially THAT time of year!




Should you enjoy yourself and indulge this festive period?


– Absolutely.


Infact I ate a mince pie yesterday (I behaved – just 1, lol) and looking forward to all the, chocolates and other ‘goodies’.




If you’re not careful, the festive period can seriously impact not just how you look but how you FEEL, so it’s important to have a plan in place.


For both your mental and physical health.


Cause let’s face it, as much as things have gotten back to ‘normal’ after Covid, it’s been a pretty hard year with lot’s of people still struggling.


So here’s a super simple, yet highly effective ‘3 Step Plan’ to help you feel fabulous this festive season and stress less knowing you’ve got that plan of action in place.


The 3 Step Plan


Step 1: Damage Control.


  • Put in a decent effort starting now.


  • Be mindful, use common sense and just don’t eat & drink for Scotland.


  • Progress is awesome but a great goal is simply MAINTENANCE from now till the ‘Big Man’ arrives.


ie Don’t give yourself an even bigger job come January.


Step 2: Enjoy Every Moment of Christmas.


  • Savour all the tastes and wash it down with whatever you like because you know you have a plan in place.


Step 3: Step Your Game up.


  • THEE most important step and another reason I won’t feel guilty chomping on my mince pies.


  • Because you made Step 1 happen, this will be MUCH easier.


  • And don’t worry, I’m not going to leave you high and dry to do this by yourself.


I’ll be there for you every step of the way making it as easy, uncomplicated and enjoyable as possible.


I’m literally going to give you EVERYTHING you need to transform your body, fitness, confidence and mindset in 2023.


Heck, I’m even going to help you SAVE some pennies.


‘Sounds amazing Lee but HOW exactly is this going to happen?’


I’ll be revealing all in next Monday’s blog so stay tuned.


In the meantime.


Less than 7 weeks till Crimbo.

Less than 8 weeks before 2023.


Right now it’s about Step 1 – DAMAGE CONTROL.


Try focus on small, simple things that make a big difference.


Keep your water intake up (2 litres min)


✅ Get off your butt and build your step count up


Eat protein at each meal


✅ Pump in the veggies


Don’t drink your calories (eg Gingerbread lattes, etc)


✅ Limit alcohol to once a week


Say no or allow yourself to have ONE office ‘treat’


(keep as far as away from them as you can and out of sight)


Make a to-do list each night for the next day


(extra motivation + less stress)


Tell your friends, family your goals for accountability


Trust me, these may not seem much and I’ve mentioned them lots of times before but from your waistline, energy to mood….they’ll make a HUGE impact.


Have a great week.


Oh and keep an eye out for my blog this Thursday for a little ‘gift’ to help you out more with Step 1.


Lee ‘planning like a Boss’ Donald x



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