What a fantastic fresh, crisp, sunny monday.


Are you ready to get ‘back on it’ after the w/e?

Have you got your ‘game face on’?

Is your positive attitude in check?


Whether you just woke up this holiday Monday or been at work for hours….it’s STILL Monday.

Its STILL another opportunity to work towards getting to where we want to be.

Physically, mentally, emotionally, in business or at home.


Are you moving forward?


Are you in the same old rut getting the same old results?


Moving forward – AWESOME.

Same old rut – SOMETHING has to CHANGE.


That good old saying if nothing changes, then nothing changes….yup it’s TRUE!


So what are YOU going to do today (however big or small) different to make sure you move forward?


Switch up your workouts, try different foods, spend more time with the kids, have a working lunch, have an active lunch, say no to those office ‘treats’…


These can be SMALL changes that make a BIG difference.


One of MY goals to move forward has been to spend more time with my nephew.

So yesterday, we grabbed our rollerblades and hit the beach.

Not only did we both have an amazing workout 

(rollerblading is an awesome full body exercise)

but we also got to spend some QT together.


Doing exercise that involves the kids, family or friends always produces a DOUBLE DOSE of those feel good, fun, happy hormones.


Here’s short clip of a big kid experiencing this:


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There’s LOTS of videos there with tips, motivation and other cool stuff to help you move forward.

Lee ‘the big kid’ Donald x

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