Incase you missed it, I just wanted to give you a little update.


Last week I dropped some exciting, breaking news!!



Yup, social distancing has now been dropped from group exercise, which means for the 1st time in over 18 months.


My exclusive, women only BodyMax & BodyMax Blast fitness classes can get back to ‘normal’ – woop woop.




This is a major change to how things will run and a big, positive step forward.


Whether you’re a Mum who loves their kids dearly buuut can’t WAIT till their little darlings go back to school so they can get themselves back on track.


Or you’re simply a woman who wants say GOODBYE to those post-holiday wobbly bits.


And hellooooo to:


Regaining your confidence, having more energy, your clothes fitting better and just feeling HAPPIER with how you look/feel.


I’d love to help!!


For over 10 years, my award winning fitness classes have been helping women lose weight get in shape and feel great.


If you’d like to enjoy exercise and have abit of fun while you work out, these are most definitely worth trying.


There’s no gym, no membership required and you can come and go as you please.


Classes are suitable for all levels with options throughout so don’t worry if you don’t feel ‘fit enough’ – that’s the whole point, to help you build on your fitness.


Book Your Place Here


And hey, if that wasn’t exciting enough.


Brace yourself for a super duper, ‘Sizzling Sexy September’ Competition coming up soon!


Stay tuned : )


Lee ‘buzzing to get back to normality’ Donald x



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