How’s you’re week going?
Have YOU jumped into the drivers seat and taken control?
What’s been YOUR focus this week?
It’s so easy to get bogged down by work.
Be busy with family commitments.
Be busy working on your ‘dream body’.
Being busy being busy!
But WHAT is it all for?
What do you want the end result to be?
I’ll put my money on HAPPINESS.
Whether it’s having the dream job, six pack, nice car, big house, perfect family…
It ALL comes down to that desire to be happy!
Personally I’ve been super busy (no change there then) and usually work in the evenings on my laptop making sure I’m ‘on top’ of everything.
On Tuesday evening everything got dropped to spend some QT with my nephew doing a VERY important job – Pumpkin Carving!
Despite having LOTS to do, those precious moments I spent having a giggle, sipping hot chocolate (gasp yes I’m human too – made with with 100% cocoa) and prepping my entry for the ‘annual Donald pumpkin carving competition’ are ones I’ll keep forever.
Was I back on my green tea the next day? – YUP
Crack on with my business stuff? – YUP
Have a wicked workout? – YUP
With my mental muscles recharged and smile on my face I was ready to take on the rest of the week.
Keep focused on your goals.
Continue making small positive changes on a daily basis….but don’t let the small moments of happiness skip you buy while seeking that same end result.
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Lee ‘the pumpkin carver’ Donald x
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