I hope you had a fab w/e.
If you’re on Facebook you may have seen some pics of my adventures to Edinburgh for KS Extreme.
KS Extreme is a new type of fitness class and the course was run by 2 of the UK’s top fitness presenters Rachel Holmes & Kelly-Reed Banks and it….was….BUZZING!!
My aim?
To soak up as many ideas as possible, get MY ass kicked for a change and simply have a good time which inspired me to write today’s email.
When was the last time you did something for YOU?
When was the last time YOU learned something new?
It’s soo so important to keep learning, progressing and growing in ALL aspects of life.
Fitness, confidence, family, work, relationships.
‘If you’re not growing, you’re dying’ – Anthony Robbins
Love this quote as in my opinion it’s so true.
It’s easy to sit back and watch life go by but if you really, REALLY want to feel alive then you MUST grow.
Physically, mentally, emotionally, financially.
TODAY is the beginning of a spanking new week.
What could YOU achieve by Friday?
What could YOU achieve by the end of 2014?
Where could YOU be this time next year?
It’s SO exciting what we’re all capable of but are YOU operating on all cylinders and living to your FULL potential?
Get out of that back seat, jump into the drivers seat and really see just how awesome YOU can be!!
Growth can come in many shapes and sizes.
It can come from pain.
Regardless of WHERE it comes from the destination is still the same…YOUR happiness.
Being ‘fit, healthy & happy’ isn’t just about having a beach body.
Do things you love.
​Explore new places.
Ask lots of questions.
Try to learn 1 new thing each day (big or small).
Find something your passionate about.
Be with the people that make you smile.
Do your best each day ’cause that’s all you can do.
Get into that driver’s seat and really take control of your happiness.
Life’s to short to sit in the back.
‘I will actively seek opportunities to help me grow’.
Lee ‘driving the car infront’ Donald x
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