How is your week going?
Are you making progress towards your goals?
Only YOU know the honest truth.
I’m here to help you achieve your goals (and you WILL get there) but only if YOU are willing to put the effort in too.
I can’t do your workouts for you.
I can’t be with you 24/7 making sure you make good food choices.
I can’t make you get a good nights sleep.
Whatever workout programme you do.
Whatever fancy ‘diet’ you may be on.
There is ONE deciding factor that will determine how successful they are and that my friend is YOU!
The old saying:
You always get out what you put in and there’s no easy or straight roads to success….it’s TRUE!
We have to work our way there, make mistakes, learn from them and grow stronger.
It’s essential to ‘check-in’ and re-assess your progress REGULARLY.
Motivation is always a major element when faced with making positive changes which is another reason why re-assessing your path is important.
Capture your progress with pictures.
Take a picture of yourself TODAY – Front and side on and preferably in your underwear to ensure you can record your progress accurately.
They don’t need to be seen by ANYONE else.
They are for your records and your journey to success.
Take it in the mirror or get someone else to take it.
Take a picture each and every week (same time /same day) to record your progress.
This may sound simple but I guarantee, if you KNOW you need to take a semi-naked picture every week and that your body will directly show the evidence of your choices you have made….
you’re going to start making better choices!
Let’s face it….we ALL want to look good naked but more importantly FEEL good naked.
Below is a recent (fully dressed) example of why pictures are so crucial to progress – they don’t lie!
Joanne attends my BodyMax & BBlast classes and as you can see has got some awesome results with the pictures as proof.
You can check out Joanne’s full story on my
Facebook Page @ Lee Donald Personal Training
I want YOU to feel healthier
I want YOU to be more confident and feel happier in your body
I want YOU to succeed.
But the most important question is….
How much do YOU want it?
Lee ‘being honest’ Donald x


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