I hope you had a wicked w/e.
Did you have time for a workout?
How many times did you workout?
How long did you workout for?
You guessed it….today’s email is all about time.
It’s not about having time for your fitness it’s about MAKING time!
Don’t have time to improve your health, happiness and fitness?
I’m not doubting people have busy lives BUT what’s more important in this world than your health??
If you don’t have your health then how can you live your life fully?
You need to workout for hours to get results…..WRONG!
I’ve put together the FASTEST workout ever so leave the excuses at the door.
Squat, Push, Lunge, Pull, Plank.
Carry out each exercise for 1 minute.
Alternatively – Do each exercise until failure (when you can’t do any more).
Short bursts of high-intensity movements that use a lot of muscles at once get the fastest results….FACT!
(beginners can simply squat, press up, lunge, row and plank)
Power Squat with Ground Touch
(touch ground in squat position, jump high and reach for sky, land softly, repeat – weight optional)
T-Press Up
(Press up then rotate onto one arm, the other reaching up to 12 o’clock and allow body turn, return, do press up then repeat opposite side – dumbells optional).
Reverse Lunge + Pull Press 
(dumbells, kettlebells or water bottles in each hand, reverse lunge with straight arms, lean forward weight to ground, stand up and pull weights under arms, dip elbows turn knuckles to ceiling and press overhead, return, alternate each leg).
Gecko Plank
(Plank on forearms, drive knee up towards elbow, back to plank, repeat other side – Sball/Bosu ball optional).
This entire workout takes no longer than 5 minutes and a serious metabolic spiker that will send your fatburning through the roof!
If you want to finish this off with a super quick HIIT Cardio workout for even FASTER results….
Commitment is simple….you’re either IN or you’re OUT.
Let’s kick that positive mental attitude into 1st gear!
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Lee ‘got my priorities straight’ Donald x


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