Hands up if you fell off the wagon this weekend?


Yuuup me too (hey, I’m human).


It wasn’t a ‘heavy duty’ fall but I definitely consumed waaaay more chocolate than I ever usually would at a weekend.


Even ate one of the Baby Boss’s Easter eggs, shhhh.




So today,


I’m sorting my sh*t out, getting back on that wagon and making better choices.


I’m also not wasting time feeling guilty or stressing about something I can’t change.


It’s happened, right?


Nobody ever dropped a dress size from eating healthy one weekend just like nobody ever got fat from indulging one weekend.


What we do most of the time is much more important that what we do some of the time.


Today is a new day, use it to get back on it, stop feeling guilty and start chasing your goals again.


‘But I just don’t feel motivated Lee’.


I know, believe me – I hear ya.


Unfortunately motivation will come and go which is why it’s important to build strong habits in place so on the days when you can’t be bothered.


You’re disciplined enough to still get stuff done, make progress and achieve your goals.


Having spent almost 2 years recovering from a foot injury alongside being highly sleep deprived thanks to the joys of mumlife it’s really not easy and motivation has rarely been present.


But I always keep a positive mindset and continue to succeed because I’m brutally honest with myself.


I have ALL the excuses everyone else has but I know deep down, nothing is physically stopping me apart from me.


It’s a hard, unpopular truth but when it comes down to it.


Nobody is going to come ‘save’ you.


Nobody is going to wave a ‘magic motivation stick’.


And sadly nobody cares whether you look good.


Nobody cares if you fit your clothes better.


And nobody cares if you feel confident or happy looking in the mirror.


Your happiness is your responsibility.


If you don’t care enough about your health & happiness to put in the effort and make changes, sadly nothing will change.


But the EXCITING part is that even if you commit to making the smallest of changes each day.


They soon add up!!


– Drinking more water.

– Getting more steps in.

– Cutting down on alcohol.

– Watching your portion sizes.

– Planning your meals/exercise.

– ‘Closing the kitchen’ in the evening.

– Practising more positive self talk.

– Giving yourself reasons why you should instead of shouldn’t

– Stressing less about the past and focusing more on the present.


Commit to just ONE thing today.


Repeat for the next 7 days.


And by this time next week, you’ll already be in a better place than you are now.


If you’d like some extra help and support with any of this.


Grab a 7 Day FREE Trial to The MAX Experience and I’ll show you exactly how to get started.


Lee ‘back on it’ Donald x



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