Happy Guy Fawkes Day!


Ahhhh remember the days when you couldn’t decide what bonfire and fireworks display you were going to go to because there were SOOO many?


Remember when there WERE actually bonfires, Catherine wheels and lots of other fun stuff?


How times have changed!


Sometimes the fun can get SUCKED right out of things including your workouts.


Are you BORED of your workouts?


Are you FED UP of not seeing/feeling any progress?


If so….you’re not doing it quite right.


If you want to hit your goals you’ve got to be CONSISTENT with your effort and stick at it.


If you want to stick at it, you’ve got to ENJOY it.


If you want to enjoy it, you’ve got to keep things fresh and INTERESTING.


Speaking of which…


How did you get on with Monday’s workouts?


If you’ve just joined The LDPT Network or missed it on Monday,


You can find them here:


But perhaps you’re just really struggling to get MOTIVATED….it happens….to ALL of us!


Darker, colder nights accompanied by extra layers of clothing to ‘cover up’, it’s can make even the MOST motivated among us weaker.


Yup even ME!


Check this out:


Bottom line…


EVERYONE struggles to get motivated a times and EVERYONE can lose interest in their workouts and that’s OK.


It’s just figuring out what works best for YOU and how to get back on track.


Here’s 6 Simple Tips:


1. Tell your friends/family members or facebook friends your goals, a time frame and get them to SUPPORT you and hold you ACCOUNTABLE.


2. Sign up for a fitness class with a buddy or invest in a PT.


If you’re in Aberdeen don’t miss this!


3. Buy a NEW workout top, bottoms or trainers
(we all like to get new kit on).


4. Put £2 (or however much) in a jar each time you workout and treat yourself at the end of the month (not with FOOD!).


5. Postets, pictures, screen savers – use them, having a positive visual is CONSTANT motivation to keep going.


6. Make a playlist of your fave tunes that get you PUMPED and in the mood (never underestimate the motivation power of a good tune).


Aaaaand just incase that wasn’t enough to get you MOTIVATED and ENJOYING your workouts again…


I have a super EXCITING project in the pipeline that will be launching very soon.


THIS will be a game changer!!


Stay Tuned.


Lee ‘wish I’d bought some sparklers’ Donald x



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