‘Holy crap!

I just did my mid week weigh and measure and I’m so chuffed!


Down 4.2lbs, an inch from my waist, hips & thigh, half an inch from my bust & quarter inch from my arm!


Was not expecting results that good.

Amazing what cutting out the crap does!


And I think this has been the longest I’ve gone without chocolate – I’ve just not really wanted it as I’m so full from my meals!’


This was an AWESOME message I got from Katy after just ONE week of being on her personalized 6 Week Nutrition Plan.


Well done Katy, this is FANTASTIC!!


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Katy isn’t STARVING herself and isn’t RESTRICTED to eating cabbage soup.


Infact ALL Katy’s meals have been specifically created around the foods she likes.


Katy told me CHOCOLATE was her downfall and wasn’t sure how she was going to cope but the best thing is (apart from not even wanting it)….


If Katy wants chocolate she can HAVE it and she’ll STILL get amazing results.




Because EVERYTHING has been calculated for her – such as her daily calorie intake and protein, carb & fat targets.


As long as she stays inline with her plan and using abit of common sense (10 chocolate bars is not going to get ANYONE results) she’ll continue to see and feel PROGRESS.


Katy also received 40 super TASTY and EASY to make recipes, some of which are in her plan.


Breakfast, lunch, dinner…


All the hardwork has been done for Katy so all she has to do is follow her plan and reap all the BENEFITS!


But what about YOU?


Is you’re nutrition on point and are YOU getting results?




Are you constantly BATTLING with your food, weight, clothes and confidence?


How LONG have you done that for?


It’s tough, draining, depressing, stressful and just NOT how life should be.


How amazing would it feel to finally WIN that battle, feel LESS stressed, MORE confident and MORE in control?


If you need a little HELP to do that and want to experience the type of results Katy’s has, let’s get started TODAY!


Click below to take that 1st step:


Every week, month and year you have CHOICES to make.


And if those choices are NOT making you happy – make BETTER ones!


If you have any questions, please just ask.


Lee ’empowering others’ Donald x



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