The last week of January – How on earth did we get here so QUICKLY?!!


How’s your 2016 goals going?
Made any progress yet?


Having been struck down by the cold, flu and badass chest infection forcing me to spend the last 9 DAYS laying horizontal, I have to say…


My goals aren’t going quite as I imagined.


But hey, that’s LIFE!!


Sometimes it throws curve balls and it all goes Pete Tong but it’s how you CHOOSE to deal with those balls that count.


Let them KNOCK you down, or GRAB ‘EM and throw them right back.


As a HIGHLY active PT who thrives on exercise, motivating and helping others change their body, health, fitness and happiness on a DAILY basis…


I’m sure you can imagine how ‘challenging’ it was to lay down for over a week and doing absolutely NOTHING.


But when the lurgy strikes I do my best to follow my 6 Rules / Tips.


If you missed them last week, you can find them here:


However I have to confess,


After seeking comfort in foods I never normally eat (yes I should know better but sh*t happens) I may be a little heavier, more bloated, less toned and temporarily lots my abs…


But this PT is back and No.6 is in FULL flow!!


Plan – PLAN – PLAAAAAAAAN – Have YOU got one??


Workouts for the week – Planned


If you want to know the type of workouts I’ll personally be doing to MAXIMIZE my fatloss, fitness and get me back on track ASAP – this is literally my blueprint and you can do it too:



Food for the week – Planned


There’ll be no starving – I love my food too much!


I’ll be eating foods I ENJOY that are going to help me MELT that extra belly flab I put on.


After all….Abs ARE made in the kitchen.


If you’re not sure what to eat and need a little help to know how to reveal YOUR abs here it is:


Business for the week – Planned


I also have 3 WICKED workout classes lined up this week.


If you want to join in on the action and get firsthand experience of FUN, fatloss & fitness at it’s BEST.


Contact me on 07510054788 to grab a place quickly before they all go!!


It’s gonna be AWESOME, check it out:​


So if YOU are like me and…


*Not happy with how you LOOK right now.


*Not happy with how you FEEL right now.


*Not happy with your level of FITNESS right now.


Make a PLAN.


You have a CHOICE to do something about it.


I may not be where I want to be right NOW but ones things for sure – tomorrow I’ll be CLOSER.


Next week, even CLOSER.


And at the END of next month I’ll have my body, health and fitness back where I want it.​


So if January isn’t working out quite how YOU wanted it or you’re STILL not where you want to be.


Time wake up and a smell the opportunities, make a PLAN and throw those balls BACK.


Lee ‘cant find her abs…..yet’ Donald x



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