No energy, burning eyes, cough, sore throat, headache, dia…I’ll save you the rest!


What the chuff does one do with that?


Yuuuup, last Thursday evening the dreaded lurgy that seems to be passing around EVERYONE began to strike.


Ok sorry to hear that Lee but how’s that going to help ME?


Glad you asked…


Come Friday, not feeling too ‘clever’ but CONTINUING to train clients and brushing all symptoms under the carpet I carried on with my BodyMax Burn class regardless.


Of course I did.


I DON’T do ill, I DON’T like cancelling classes and I definitely DON’T like skipping a workout.




Once Friday’s post workout BUZZ and adrenaline calmed down and I slumped in a heap on the sofa unable to move.


It was time to admit defeat…..This PT was sick!!


And for reference, PT’s are the WORST at being sick.


Imagine ‘man flu’, times that by 10 and you’re half way there (my wife deserves a medal, lol!)


*No Saturday morning run.
*No ‘Billy No Mates’ video.
*No ticking off my ‘to do’ list.
*No social media posts.
*No nothing.


Cue instant feelings of ANGER and FRUSTRATION.


Come Monday (today), after PUMPING in the fresh lemon/ginger teas, salads, fruit, veggies, spices, not MOVING since Friday you can imagine how ‘cheated’ I feel to STILL have the lurgy and to cancel MORE clients and classes.


Hands up if YOU get angry and frustrated at not being able to do things when you’re sick.


You’re hands up right?


Of course it is, that’s normal.


But here’s the deal.


Getting angry and frustrated causes STRESS.


Stress has a serious NEGATIVE effect on your immune system (not to mention mental state).


You immune system is responsible for keeping you HEALTHY so I want that puppy firing on ALL cylinders.


So HOW do you stop getting angry and frustrated when you’re sick?


1. Realise that sometimes sh*t just happens.


Deal with it and let it go.


2. Don’t stress over the things you CAN’T control.


That’s not going to help ANYBODY, let it go.


3. Know the world doesn’t END when you can’t work out.


But seriously….it doesn’t, let it go.


4. Understand rest is EQUALLY as important as exercise.


You get 1 body and 1 mind, take care of them.


5. Eat soup.




In winter, when sick, soup somehow has an immediate soothing and calming effect.


Plus if it’s packed full of veg it’ll help BOOST your immune system = feeling better sooner!


6. Create a plan of ACTION.


Repeat no.s 1-4 in your head then create a mental plan of ACTION (write it down if you’re able to) for when you’re back on your feet.


And you know what?


Whether you have the lurgy or not these tips can apply to EVERYONE.


Step away from all the NEGATIVE ‘stuff’, the more you dwell on it the worse it’ll make you feel.


Grab a seat on board that POSITIVE train and experience the difference.


Have an AMAZING week.


Lee ‘sitting upfront’ Donald x



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