I hope you’re having a great week so far.


Are you getting closer to where you want to be?




Has the post New Year motivation worn off already?


Either way,


Next week is the 1st week of ‘Feel Good Feb’ and I’m here to help you sprinkle some POSITIVITY.


When we LOOK good, we FEEL good and when we FEEL good,


The world’s just a HAPPIER place!


Now, I’m not your fairy godmother (shock I know) and I can’t wave a magic wand BUT I can give you ALL the tools you need to look and feel your BEST.


If you want to burn CRAZY calories, bust that AB FLAB, get AWESOME results but don’t have much TIME and not a fan of the GYM…


Then get excited my friend cause THIS workout is going to give you a serious amount of BANG for your BUCK.


6 Exercises

30secs Work followed by 10secs Rest.


Complete all 6 exercises.

Rest for 20secs.

Repeat 3-4 times.


Equipment – Step (if you have one), or suitable book.
However this can be done without any equipment.


1. 30secs Step Jumps.


2. 30secs Standing Cross Crunch.


3. 30secs Wide Burpree.


4. 30secs Step Ups.


5. 30secs Punch + Knee Lift.


6. 30secs Corkscrew Burpee + Jumping Jack.


I’ve even timed it so you don’t need a stopwatch or phone.


Simply press PLAY, stop then play again.


Aaaaand once you start FIRMING up those wobbly bits and that AB FLAB melts away,

Here’s one of my fave ab exercises to help you build a solid 6 PACK



Unfortunately I can’t do your burpees or jumping jacks for you and I know life gets BUSY but let’s be HONEST…


We ALL have the power to take 10-20mins out our day, especially if it’s going to make you look and feel HEALTHIER & HAPPIER.​


Don’t forget to holler at me.
Facebook me, Tweet me and let me know how you get on.


And hey, if you like these kind of short, high intensity workouts that take LITTLE time but get you BIG results then you’ll looooove The MAX Experience.


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Lee ‘the fitness fairy’ Donald x



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