Would you like to:


* Build a better body?


* Not only look good but FEEL good naked?


* Enjoy super QUICK workouts you can do at home?


* Keep your waistline and fitness ON track while the kids are on holiday?


* Have ACCOUNTABILITY to keep you motivated and moving forward?


* Be part of an AMAZING community of like-minded women?


* Get LIFE long results for less than a fiver a week?!


Then The MAX Experience is the perfect ‘fit’ for you.


Join women like Carol who are taking control of their body, fitness and happiness and start changing your life TODAY.


I want in Lee!


Great – sign up here:


Meet MAX Member Carol


If you’re not quite sure,


Have a think about what you can buy for £19.99.


A bottle of voddy.
Pizza from dominos.
A few coffees from Starbucks.




A WHOLE month’s worth of body sculpting home workouts, a private FB group, weekly check ins, monthly team reviews and your very own PT on hand to keep you motivated and answer all your questions.


No contract, no fuss – cancel ANY time.


If you’d like to swap that pizza for a test drive of The MAX Experience,


Hit the sign up button and let’s get ‘Operation Beach Bod’ started!


Sign me up Lee


Lee ‘no brainer’ Donald x



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