I hope you had a great w/e.


Did you RELAX?


Did you take some YOU time?


Did you spend some QT with your family?




Were you RUSHING around?

Trying to CRAM as much as possible into each day?

BEATING yourself up for not doing what you ‘needed’ to do?


The reason I ask is because something WEIRD yet quite WONDERFUL happened to me this w/e which really got me thinking.


Not sure about the rest of the country but if you live in Aberdeen you would’ve seen some CRAZY heavy rain on Saturday morning.


My running buddy decided that morning ‘rain running’ wasn’t for them, fair enough not everybody’s a fitness freak like myself.


Standing in my running gear looking dazed and confused about what to do, where to go…


My wife said
‘why don’t you just not go, you never take anytime to just chill?’


Pffft – not go, did she KNOW who she was talking to?
Was that EVEN an option?


The weather actually got me more EXCITED to run (yes I’m strange I’ll own it) but she had a point.


I was shattered and actually couldn’t remember the LAST time I wasn’t going 100mph on a Saturday with a list of things to do.


With friends coming to stay with us for the night, this idea of ‘chilling’ before they arrived was becoming MORE appealing.


Yeah I worked out 5 times that week BUT could I really cope with the idea of NOT doing my usual Saturday run?


After 2 mins of fighting with myself and my wife looking at me like I was NUTS (quite common), I’d made a decision.


That was it – running gear came OFF pyjamas went back ON!


Lee Donald just chose to SKIP a workout (gasp).


Granted I didn’t sit on my backside and started to clean the house and got a few bits and bobs from Tesco for my chums coming (as you do)




It didn’t take me long, I didn’t have to rush (as I would have if I’d run), I got a good few hours to CHILL before company arrived, I was feeling GREAT and we had a FAB evening.




Something even WEIRDER happened!!


Sunday came and after WEEEEEEKS of being so busy, there was nothing I ‘had’ to do.


Cue pyjama day doing sweet FA and spending some QT with my wife and furbaby (see pic) – AWESOME!!


FULLY refreshed from the w/e, the LAST week of October has landed and GAME ON!!


Moral of the Story:


1. Stop being ‘BUSY’ being busy.


2. Make YOU time and time for your loved ones – life is SHORT!


3. If you miss a workout don’t BEAT yourself up for it, got OVER it and get back ON it as soon as you can.


So what about YOU?

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Lee ‘confessing the wife was right’ Donald x



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