How’s your week going?

Have you been ‘good’ with your food?

Are you making time for your workouts?


I know there’s alot of people still on holiday right now and we’re coming up to a BUSY time of year.


Halloween next w/e followed by all the festive madness in the run up to Christmas then BOOOM before we know it it’s going to be 2016!!


I get it.


It’s busy and that’s when we start to get a little more STRESSED.

Don’t EAT as well.

WORKOUT as much.


Fall into BAD habits.

Pick up COLDS and illnesses.

You maybe don’t SLEEP as well.

The darker morning/nights get your DOWN, etc, etc ,etc.


This is EXACTLY the time of year you need be on top of your game!!


Eating healthy, tasty food is going to help BOOST your immune system, FIGHT off the lurgy and give you that much needed ENERGY.


Not to mention get you in the BEST shape possible best for your festive social events.


Who DOESN’T want to rock up to a party feeling comfortable, confident & sexy?


If you’re struggling to feel comfortable, confident, sexy and happy then make sure you act FAST.


There’s only 8 days left of ‘Operation October’ and a massive £25 OFF personalized 6 Week Nutrition Plans.


If you’re thinking about it NOW is the time amigo.


Here’s how to make it happen:


If you’re struggling with workouts and how to get the best RESULTS possible in the SHORTEST amount of time let me introduce The BodyMax Network.


Here’s what it’s all about:


The BodyMax Network is exclusive to WOMEN only so my apologies men BUT keep reading because the following includes you too : )


If you’ve made progress but your results seem to have come to a halt and you’ve hit that dreaded PLATEAU.




You just want to burn CRAZY calories, drop BODYFAT and take your FITNESS to the next level.


Here’s a simple tip…


Add POWER (Speed + Strength) to your workouts.


Adding POWER to your workouts is a GUARANTEED way to crank up the intensity of any workout.


Go basic and think squats, lunges and press ups.


Here’s an example (Power Press Ups)

Warning this is a ‘high risk face plant’ exercise so try this without balls by just extending your arms with a big push to get some air under your hands.


You can also try it on your KNEES.


Bend elbows and land softly.


Do this on a stable surface e.g 2 books, boxes, upside down pot pans, etc.


Bust out your balls : )


3 Sets of 10
60secs rest between sets.


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I’d love to hear how you get on with this.


I know many women in particular struggle with upper body strength but this is a GREAT way to get stronger.


Start at the beginning and work your way through the progressions.


If in doubt,


YOUTUBE power exercises and you’ll get a gazillion videos demonstrating how to carry them out.


START practicing now…


Imagine where you could be by the end of next month, Christmas or next year?


Lee ‘strong is sexy’ Donald x



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