On a scale of 1-10


HOW active have you been so far this week?

(be honest)


And have you been hitting your DAILY 10,000 steps?


As mentioned in Monday’s blog/post many people won’t even hit HALF of this so if you want to lose weight (I imagine most of you reading this do!) or have any health & fitness goals you’d like to hit…


It’s pretty simple and no other way around it.


You NEED to get that butt moving.


To help you hit your target I even gave you a wicked, calorie crushing, belly blasting workout.


How’s that going?

Have you done it yet?



This is all part of my FREE ‘Feel Good Feb’ challenge.


If you missed what it’s all about…


Click here

Fatloss and feeling good about yourself doesn’t have to be COMPLICATED.


Infact the challenge itself isn’t complicated but I guarantee it will have a MASSIVE impact on your body, energy and happiness if you’re willing to put in the effort and give it a try.


I also promised I’d be here to SUPPORT and motivate you all the way so let’s pull those positive pants up and get CRACKING!! : )


Lee ‘keeping it simple’ Donald x



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