Haaaappy Monday!!


I hope you had a great w/e and more importantly you’re READY for what’s about to come.


We’re now on Week 3 of my FREE ‘Feel Good Feb’ Challenge.


And judging by the feedback those 2 SIMPLE goals I set you for week 1 & 2 are giving off some awesome results.


From more energy, feeling fitter, clothes a little looser, less cravings, less bloated, better sleep.​​​​​​​


And that’s just after a COUPLE of weeks!!


If you missed what the challenge is all about and want a piece of that happy pie.

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Goal for Week 3:


*** Take 10,000 steps DAILY ***


Taking 10,000 steps = about 5 miles or 9km.


Sadly many people don’t even hit HALF of this.


Infact, according to the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), the average person only walks between 3,000 and 4,000 steps per day.


How many steps do YOU take?


The best way to asses this is to invest in a some kind of pedometer.


You can go the ‘full hog’ and buy a Fitbit for around £100 or invest in one of these for a BARGAIN £15



I saw them in Mankind (Bon Accord Centre) last w/e and imagine they’re as accurate as anything else for assessing distance.


If you want to spend even LESS then simply invest in a pedometer (you can pick them up for about £5 off Amazon) or download a free app on your phone.


Either way, it’s a good idea to start tracking and get MOVING.


If you’re struggling to get your steps up.


1. Get up early and go for 10min stroll before breaky.


2. Walk to work or park further away.


3. Go for a walk at lunch time or climb up and down the office stairs if you have any.


4. Have a little post dinner walk to help aid your digestion and get those last steps in.


5. Offer to walk your friends or neighbour’s dog.


6. Challenge your friends / family – there’s nothing more motivation than a bit of healthy competition!


And I’d love LOVE to hear from you so come connect with me on Facebook or Twitter (media channels below) and let me know…


What’s the HIGHEST number of steps you’ve taken in a day?


Lee ‘stepping up her step game’ Donald x



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