‘NEVER ever do this!’


There I was in the kitchen with the Mini Boss (my 2 year old daughter) with abit of scrunched up paper held over the gas stove about to set fire to it saying these words!


Yup not the best mum move but when you’ve quit smoking for 8 years and don’t have a lighter or matches to hand – how else are you going to light your pumpkins? lol.


Anyway, it worked and vóila – winner.


With the Mini Boss away in Canada for Halloween, we were getting our pumpkin fun on early this year.


We also celebrated Thanksgiving.


With a Canadian wife this is always tradition in our house and myyyy lordy she makes the best pumpkin pie.


Safe to say calories were NOT counted yesterday but when you eat well 80% of the time and exercise regularly having a day here and there of indulgence isn’t going to do any damage.


Aaaand that brings me to the message of today’s blog.


Thanksgiving gone, Halloween around the corner – time is FLYING this year!


Christmas Eve is 11 weeks TODAY which mean those festive parties are gonna be kicking off even sooner.


At this time,


People usually THINK about do something with how they look and feel but wait till 2 weeks before, panic then opt for extreme ways to lose weight.


Cue setting yourself up for failure and feeling miserable.


I’d love to show you how you can start making small changes today that = BIG results.


Ones that allow you to enjoy guilt-free pumpkin pie or anything else you like for that matter and STILL achieve your goals.


Because life’s too short to be unhappy….aaand not eat pie!


This is exactly what I teach inside my online fitness hub – The MAX Experience.


If you’re a busy woman who’d love to lose weight, tone up, boost your confidence and feel fabulous this festive season without having to join a gym…


Oh and not have to give up pie, chocolate or wine.


Press Play – This is worth checking out!



Wow, sounds great Lee!

And less than the cost of a coffee?!’


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