Heart pounding, sitting on the edge of my seat, feeling kinda boozy (not gonna lie) and listening to a HIGHLY intensifying drum roll…..again.


It never gets easier!!


This was around 10pm last night at Scotland’s Business Awards where I was eagerly waiting to hear if I’d won Best Fitness Business 2019.


Having won 2 years in a row, I wasn’t going to enter this year.


However, having found out I’d made it to the final, it would have been rude not to.


Yup, it was game on!


Not many business’s win 2 years in a row, never mind 3 so the odds weren’t great but the fear of regret (and not trying) is always worse than the fear of losing.


To be honest, simply to be a finalist and in a room full of 300 hardworking, passionate and inspiring entrepreneurs was extremely humbling.


Despite struggling with the lurgy, you couldn’t help feel the atmosphere was electrifying.


After watching numerous businesses go on stage and enjoy well deserved success, I knew my category was coming soon!!


Then that dreaded and nerve racking drum roll came.


And the winner of Best Fitness Business 2019 is…



Absolutely BUZZING!!


Who knew when I started LDPT with one kettlebell and one client from my Mum’s front room that it would bring me on such an incredible journey.


From also conquering a 15 year eating disorder, battling depression and various other issues hopefully this helps motivate and inspire others to know it’s never too late to turn your life around!


Having won this award (the Regionals).


I now have the opportunity to represent Aberdeen for a 3rd time at Scotland’s Business Awards, National Grand Final held in Glasgow on Sunday 26th May.


I lost in 2017 and won in 2018.


(Ironically this date is when my business will officially be celebrating it’s 8th Birthday)


This year I’m also becoming a Mum again so will have the wonderful challenge of a 4 week old therefore debating the notion.


Whether I put myself forward or not – I’d just like to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who voted and help me get this far.


To all the AMAZING women I have the privilege of training and helping change their lives.


To all those who take the time to open my emails, read my blogs and articles.


To those who ‘like’ my social media posts and interact.


And last but not least to my family for always being my biggest supporters.


Having a support network is always so important for whatever you choose to do.


It really is my passion to help others so if YOU need a hand getting back on track and in shape for Summer fastly approaching.


To feel stronger, fitter, healthier and happier without having to join a gym.


The ‘Best Fitness Business 2019’ would love to help : )


Check out my website www.ldpt.co.uk for more info, send me a message or come find me on social media so we can get the ball rolling.


Life’s too short to feel unhappy.


Lee ‘hungover on a school day – oops’ Donald x



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