The kids are on holiday, it’s sunny, it’s raining, it’s the weekend…..bla bla blaa.


We give ourselves so many reasons to NOT to things.


Things that will ultimately help you lead a much healthier and happier life!


So today’s blog is super short, simple and PERFECT for anyone who’s fallen off the wagon and in need of some motivation.


This week’s challenge…


Whether it’s a workout.


– Drinking more water.


– Planning your meals.


– Tracking your calories.


Or simply getting more steps in.


Give yourself at least 3 reasons why you SHOULD and watch your motivation, mindset and life begin to change.


Shifting those stubborn pounds and feeling happier in yourself isn’t as complicated as you think.


Little changes = BIG results.


Aaaaand just incase you need extra fire under your butt today.


Here’s a wee video I made at this exact time LAST year.


Press play for a quick tip and a bonus ‘mini challenge’ : )





Where would you be by this time NEXT year if you continue with this challenge 1 day and 1 week at a time?


Lee ‘injecting a little motivation into Monday’ Donald x



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