I hope you had a good w/e.


Although weekend’s are not quite what they used to be – they’re still what we make them.


Aaaand hands up on Saturday, I may have made mine a little boozy!


Apparently 2 beers and 2 vodkas will do it (don’t judge, lol)


Anyway, as always we had our Team LDPT quiz night via Zoom.


It’s never just any kind of quiz night though.


We like to make it interactive and usually have sore cheeks from laughing.


From squatting, cushion challenges, proms and Kim Kardashian getting stuck to my foot…it was all go!!


If you missed it, you can check out the cushion challenge over on my Facebook page here:



Granted this happy, boozy bubble was soon burst when I went to bed, mumlife kicked in and the Baby Boss (my son) decided he was going to be up every 45mins!!


Yes 45mins.


That’s not the usual, however I swear he knew I’d been enjoying myself too much, lol.


Not gonna lie, the next day was tough and had both Bosses to look after while the wife was working but god bless the wonders of coffee.


Anyway, my point is…


I had a great time and my Team had a great time and it was totally worth it.


In the world in which we’re living, there’s so much stress, anxiety, frustration and negativity.


So connecting with people especially those who lift you up couldn’t be more important right now.


Whether it’s video calls, picking up the phone, simply texting or vi social media.


Having that positive interaction can make a HUGE difference to your mindset and day.


From exercise, meditation, mindset/habits books, apps, podcasts, online webinars, avoiding alcohol, getting fresh air & sunlight.


There’s lots of different ways we can take care of our mental health.


So I just wanted to check in with you today.


To see how you are.


To give you a friendly reminder it’s ok not to feel ok.


But hopefully by trying some of the things mentioned above, you can steadily turn that around or at least alleviate some of those negative emotions.


If you’d like to get in touch and let me know what you’re struggling with most right now, I’ll do my best to help.


Lee ‘making mental health a priority’ Donald x



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